Android Apps Our Approach

  • Discovery Process

    Understand and analyze your business ideas for app functionality and prioritizing them into a roadmap. So that you do not run the risk of wasting your precious time, development resources, and budget on deploying the wrong types of Android apps.


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    Design the App and UX

    The field of UX is vast and complex and almost always needs a team with overlapping competencies. We ensure that prioritization of user expectations takes into account the user's most important UX needs, and they are fully translated to new, relevant user experiences.

  • Develop the App

    We adopt agile development practices and plan for frequent rapid deployment, as well as rapid iterations of mobile apps. We pick the appropriate development method that suits your business ecosystem. Our Android development team contains all the skills necessary to deliver on the project goals.


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    Test App Performance

    We have experienced quality engineers who are directly embedded in the team. Our QA team defines test cases and scenarios based on their interactions with customers. We perform end-to-end testing, including user interface automation, smoke testing, load/stress and security testing, and UAT testing for optimal app performance.

  • Integration and APIs

    We address all mobile app integration challenges in ways that do not compromise the agility and stringent time-to-value of mobile teams, while optimizing costs. We identify the organization's mobile app integration challenges and define plans to incrementally fill gaps, possibly on a project-by-project basis.


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    Deploy the App

    Deployment is more complex than development and falls under the broad category of DevOps. We have experienced and expert persons in our Android app development team who understands how to deploy Android apps on Google Play Store or other public mechanisms.

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