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Android Application Development Company


Android Application Development Company

Android Application Development Services

Compete with Creativity in Your Budget and Timeline

Android OS has changed the way enterprise mobility is connecting, operating, and conducting business. Many businesses find it challenging to differentiate their Android-based apps in a market where their competitors are already capturing the market, and they are innovating much faster than others. Android app development process demands a fast-paced strategic innovation and quick idea execution.

Minds Task Technologies enables you to smartly define, design, and execute your Android app development strategy with speed and confidence by deeply understanding what expertise, tools, and capabilities are desired from the mobile app development partner to align with this strategy. Our expert and experienced Android app development team helps you achieve the Android app development objectives, timelines, and budgets in aligned with the decision-makers from your business, marketing, and IT departments. We make sure you get the best of both worlds in terms of cost effectiveness of the app and also:

Better Brand Visibility : Enhance your brand’s identity and visibility across the mobile user base

Improved Experience : Provide a highly engaging and optimized app experience

Reduced Development Cost : Offer comparatively the most cost-effective Android app development

More Targeted Users : Help you acquire new customers and retain the existing ones

The image showcases a team of developers collaborating on coding and designing a mobile app for the Android platform. It conveys the expertise and process involved in Android app development services, emphasizing the commitment to creating innovative and user-friendly applications for Android devices.

Our Android App Development Services

Android App UI/UX Design

Get immersive and engaging UI/UX of your Android app that stands the test of time. We, at Minds Task Technologies, focus on designing Android apps that are easily usable, faster to operate, and provide better user experiences across devices and varied screen sizes. Our Android UI and UX team ensures that all design components and elements are in the right balance, pattern, and rhythm for end-users. We deliver not just mobile apps, but intuitive experiences with each functionality "enhancement" improving the UX quality.

Android App Development

It is imperative that your Android app is able to thrive in an environment where change is the norm. Our expert and experienced Android app development team ensures that you app must be able to quickly adapt to new mobile technologies, business requirements, and project goals. While developing the app, we take care of everything like identity/privacy, security, integration, optimization, network infrastructure, endpoint management, and more. We adopt tools and methodologies as per your project requirement to deliver the desired results.

Android App Testing

Scrupulously test and validate every aspect of your Android app to minimize errors/bugs across devices and eliminate failure or crash rate under the heaviest loads. We perform both manual and automation testing on Android apps to resolve conflicts between the app and test APK to deliver you incredible app experiences. Our expert Android app QA engineers consistently build and run tests against your app to verify and validate your app's correctness, functional behavior, and usability before it is made available to the public.

Android App Maintenance and Support

Maintaining and supporting mobile apps is one of the most difficult and costly attributes. Costs typically increase annually while the benefit received decreases over time. We ensure that your Android app works at peak performance all the time. Our Android app maintenance and support service is crafted keeping in mind the complexity involved in designing, developing, implementing, and testing Android applications. We make sure you keep getting all the desired business benefits from your app investment and grow your business fast.


Our Android App Development Approach

Minds Tasks Technologies focuses on delivering the Android app with all the features and functionality that were thoroughly, meticulously and often, sufficiently defined during the business requirement and design phases. We utilize tools, frameworks, and components that are best in the industry and up-to-date. We believe that mobile app initiatives should start with a minimum viable product (MVP) and apply continuous improvement using an agile methodology.

Android Apps Our Approach

  • Discovery Process

    Understand and analyze your business ideas for app functionality and prioritizing them into a roadmap. So that you do not run the risk of wasting your precious time, development resources, and budget on deploying the wrong types of Android apps.


  • 02


    Design the App and UX

    The field of UX is vast and complex and almost always needs a team with overlapping competencies. We ensure that prioritization of user expectations takes into account the user’s most important UX needs, and they are fully translated to new, relevant user experiences.

  • Develop the App

    We adopt agile development practices and plan for frequent rapid deployment, as well as rapid iterations of mobile apps. We pick the appropriate development method that suits your business ecosystem. Our Android development team contains all the skills necessary to deliver on the project goals.


  • 04


    Test App Performance

    We have experienced quality engineers who are directly embedded in the team. Our QA team defines test cases and scenarios based on their interactions with customers. We perform end-to-end testing, including user interface automation, smoke testing, load/stress and security testing, and UAT testing for optimal app performance.

  • Integration and APIs

    We address all mobile app integration challenges in ways that do not compromise the agility and stringent time-to-value of mobile teams, while optimizing costs. We identify the organization’s mobile app integration challenges and define plans to incrementally fill gaps, possibly on a project-by-project basis.


  • 06


    Deploy the App

    Deployment is more complex than development and falls under the broad category of DevOps. We have experienced and expert persons in our Android app development team who understands how to deploy Android apps on Google Play Store or other public mechanisms.

Manish Kumar

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Tools and Technologies

Android App Development Languages
  • Android SDK
  • Java
  • C and C++
  • Corona
  • Titanium
  • HTML 5
Designing Tools
  • Invision
  • Android Sketch Paper
  • Android Patterns
Custom Tools
  • We also use custom tools and technologies as per the clients’ unique business requirements

FAQ About Android App Development Services

The mobile app market is growing every year. As per the statistics, the number of downloads from Google’s platform was nearly three times higher than those on the App Store. Android OS has a worldwide reach and across multiple mobile phone devices. Investing in Android apps gives you a plethora of opportunities to enhance your brand visibilities in front of billions of mobile users. If you are able to tap a very small percentage of this huge mobile customer base, you know how much revenue needle you can turn in your favor.

An Android app development company generally offers end-to-end Android app development services that include Android app strategy, Android UI/UX design, Android app development, Android App testing, Android App integration and deployment, and Android app maintenance and support. These services can be utilized as per the business needs. Along with that, there are also services around optimizing Android apps for higher visibility on Google’s Play Store and increasing genuine downloads of the app.

Yes, it is totally different from iOS app development. Android apps are created for devices running the Android operating system. Android apps can be written using Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages and using the Android software development kit (SDK). On the other hand, iOS apps are developed for iOS, developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware. Android is an open system, but iOS is a closed system. Android apps are available for many manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, Oppo, etc. running Android OS, whereas iOS apps for exclusive for iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV or iWatch.

First, you should define and document your Android app requirements, such as what type of Android app you want to build, what are your end customers, and what are key business objectives. You can opt for different options to hire Android app developers that include contacting freelancers, consulting with the local development team, or outsourcing your Android app idea to an expert Android app development company. Want to know what are factors you must consider when hiring an Android app developer, just contact our expert app development team.

Android app development team includes mobile app analysts, UI/UX experts, creative designers, mobile app testersDevOps engineers, and cybersecurity experts. Every person has a special role in making your Android app successful. A dedicated Android application development services provider has vast expertise with Android app development tools and technologies and other mobile platforms. You know different mobile app projects will require different skills, so they have expert teams in all disciplines required for mobile app development of any type and size.

Android app development cost can range from $2K to $100K, and beyond. It entirely depends upon factors like existing business model, app type, feature and functionalities requirement, scalability, and availability. We, at Minds Task Technologies, focus on controlling project costs, by deeply understanding the effect this can have on technical and business requirements, especially if app development is run in an agile manner. Want to know the exact estimate of your Android app idea? We offer 30 mins FREE consulting.

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