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Market-leading clients across various industries


  • Understand your business objectives
  • Assess your current technology needs
  • Engage with interested stakeholders
  • Create a detailed roadmap for execution
  • Assemblethe right team of experts


  • Modernize your legacy applications
  • Create custom solutions ( web and mobile )
  • Migrate data and applications safely
  • Develop and integrate Custom APIs
  • Implement DevOps tools practices


  • Streamline and automate manual processes
  • Minimize data management complexities
  • Boost the performance of digital solutions
  • Improve the overall customer experience
  • Reduce operating and IT infrastructure cost


  • Help create a go-to-market strategy
  • Recommend the right digital channels
  • Boost brand visibility and attention
  • Experiment, track and refine execution
  • Enhance ROI and improve revenue


Projects completed on Time




Highly skilled professional

Our customers' success is our greatest success


How Evendo Transformed Travel Booking Experience with Pimcore PIM

Minds Task, a Pimcore Silver partner, customized and deployed the Pimcore PIM solution to address Evendo’s product data management challenges and improve their booking system.


Baggit Improves Digital Asset Experience with a Centralized Solution

Minds Task, a Pimcore Silver partner, Improves Baggit’s Digital Asset Experience with a Centralized Solution.


A London-Based Company Implements Pimcore and Open AI to Transform Business-Customer Connections

Mimoji zeroed in on the Pimcore Platform— a leading global open source data and experience platform, to build a groundbreaking solution in the business directory domain


Web Portal Modernization And Mobile App Development For German Fruit And Vegetable Suppliers And Retailers

The client and Minds Task Technologies team worked closely to define requirements and design, develop, and implement the solution.

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Today, organizations deal with the growing complexity and diversity of product information and digital assets. If left unmanaged, product information and digital assets could lead to inconsistencies, delays, and a subpar customer experience. It can cause confusion amongst customers, erode…

Image featuring a computer screen displaying a presentation titled 'Which PIM Features are Immediately Obvious for Powerful Customer Experience (Part 2 with Scenarios)'. Various data visualization elements and scenario outlines are visible on the screen.
Which PIM Features are Immediately Obvious for Powerful Customer Experience ( Part 2 with Scenarios)

In the previous blog, we talked about PIM features that are the foundation of powerful customer experience. In this part, we talk about what is the right choice and wrong choice of PIM with scenarios to give your better clarity…

Which PIM Features are Immediately Obvious for Powerful Customer Experience ( Part 1)

As the digital business landscape constantly evolves, one crucial factor remains constant: prioritizing customer experience. Today's empowered consumers demand greater control over their shopping journeys, making it essential for e-commerce businesses to adapt and provide personalized experiences. This is where…

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