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Value-Driven Pimcore Consulting Services

Minds Task Technologies offers strategic consulting on the Pimcore platform and is a trusted vendor for Pimcore implementation across the US, Europe, and India. Our team of certified consultants is well-known for its Pimcore experience, having more than 10 years of experience in advising and implementing Pimcore solutions. Our credentials are validated in the transformational work we have executed with some of the esteemed clients across industries like e-commerce, retail, and manufacturing.

What You'll Get

You will get best-of-both worlds: PIM consulting and Pimcore consulting.

 In PIM Consulting

  • The right choice of PIM software for you 
  • Migrating your product data to the PIM system
  • Specific technical questions/issues
  • PIM application architectures, integration, and best practices
  • PIM software cost management and cost reduction
  • Anything and everything about PIM software

In Pimcore Consulting

  • We’ll focus on understanding your Pimcore goals, context and implementation needs
  • We’ll explain how you can implement Pimcore in a risk-free, no strings attached model
  • You’ll learn how to prepare before embarking on the Pimcore journey
  • You’ll discover what is the best fit development approach, depending on your specific challenges and budget.

Why Choose Minds Task Technologies?

Minds Task Technologies is a Pimcore Silver Partner.  The company’s founders are the Pimcore pioneer, having been working on the platform since its inception. With over 15 years of open-source expertise (Pimcore itself being open-source), our team possesses an unparalleled understanding of the Pimcore technology ecosystem.


  • Pimcore Implementation Mastery: Guided numerous businesses through successful Pimcore implementations, from initial planning to flawless execution.

  • Open Source Expertise: Extensive open-source background allows us to leverage Pimcore’s core functionalities to create customized solutions that perfectly align with your needs.

  • Future-Proof Approach: Stay ahead of the curve with the latest Pimcore advancements, ensuring your solution is scalable and adaptable to future growth.

  • Industry Knowledge: Have helped enterprises in different industry verticals such as retail, manufacturing, automotive, CPG, and more to smoothly transform their PIM initiatives.

How does Pimcore help you?

100 000+ organizations, SMEs and large enterprises in more than 56+ countries trust Pimcore for their business.

Single Solution

A centralized solution for PIM, MDM, DAM, CDP, DXP and digital commerce.

Personalized Experience

Attract more prospects with a smart personalized digital experience.

Flexible Deployment

Easily deploy Pimcore in your existing ecosystem without any risk, and scale it fast as per your needs.

Win More Customers

Engage more customers with better behavior targeting and sentiment analysis.

Open Source

Pimcore Platform is a perfect alternative to costly proprietary software, thus reducing your TCO.

Lower Cost

Affordable pricing – for small business as well as global enterprise

The Benefits You Get

Certified Experts

Get in-depth understanding on Pimcore architecture, functionalities, and integrations from our certified consultants.

Assist in Implementation

Get assistance and recommendation in developing a future-proof Pimcore implementation strategy aligned with business goals.

Industry-Specific Recommendation

Give recommendations to ensure that your Pimcore initiative meets the unique requirements and challenges of your business sector.

Reduce Cost

Help you eliminate extra operating cost, free up valuable resources, and deliver a higher (ROI) from your Pimcore system.

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Get 30 minutes of free consultation on the Pimcore platform and discover how to reach the full value of it for your business.

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