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Custom Application Development

Build Robust. Scale Confidently.


Custom Application Development

Build Robust. Scale Confidently.

Custom Application Development Services

Boost Business Agility and Reduce IT Infrastructure Cost


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Custom application development gives more flexibility, choice, and freedom to innovate and improve business performance. The benefits of custom application development scale both ways. On one side, organizations can get desired features and functionalities — without getting stuck into maintaining packaged software. On the other side, the cost of supporting and maintaining custom software is generally lower than commercial software.

Minds Task Technologies offers specialized custom application development services using dedicated resources, industry-leading design and development techniques, and suitable software engineering methodologies and models. We provide end-to-end application development services from requirements gathering, code construction, testing, and cloud deployment by applying methods, like Agile, DevOps, or Rapid Application Development, as per the project requirement. We have served diverse industry verticals for successful business application development within time and budget.

Our Custom Application Development Services

Consulting Services

Get a deep analysis of custom development practices aligned with your business goals. Our expert team of consultants helps you identify the scope and define the roadmap for risk-free software delivery. We make sure you get a suitable engagement model for consulting, implementing, and managing your custom apps.

Application Development

Build customized apps that are intuitive, flexible, secure, and scalable. We focus on building apps that deliver real results. Our expert solution architects, UI designer, and software developer make sure your custom application development solutions are high-performing, easy to maintain, and smoothly integrable.

Legacy Modernization

Reimagine your application for greater agility and improved experience. We help you modernize your app from an architecture, UI, back-end, and infrastructure perspective. We also help you build native, web, and hybrid mobile apps for iOS and Android. We have the expertise in multiple development languages, SDKs, and frameworks to accelerate legacy modernization at a lower cost.

API Development and Integration

Ensure an API-driven architecture to cruise in the API economy. Our API development and integration services ensure that you get the maximum flexibility, scalability, and uptime while syncing data across systems and 3rd party apps. We ensure app security protocols and control policies are carefully implemented while enabling API integration with diverse systems— internally and externally.

Application Management

Ensure your custom application performs optimally in the peak load time. We offer specialized custom application management services that include enhancing features, ongoing maintenance and support, performance monitoring, and critical bug fixing at an unexpected time. We also take care of version control, upgrades, and more to provide you complete peace of mind.

API Documentation

Make sure your API is usable with proper standards and recommendations. We offer API documentation services for generating and maintaining API docs in a standardized way. Our API documentation services make sure your API's internal and external audience can easily find and understand all available versions of your APIs with detailed information and proper usage guidelines.

Our Approach

Custom Application Development Our Approach

  • Planning

    Define and scope the business requirements in order to go from idea to prototype quickly.


  • 02



    Build front-end UI and templates as per your branding guidelines and touchpoints you want to cover.

  • Development

    Perform key development activities associated with the creation of the code release considering code enhancements, development effort and time to deploy.


  • 04



    Analyze all the activities required to ensure the quality of the release, including gate tests such as user acceptance testing (UAT), smoke testing, etc.

  • Preproduction

    Push the application to release or a location used to stage the application ready for release.


  • 06



    Schedule, provision and deploy the application into production and then track, log, and provide report on the release activity.

  • DevOps Configuration

    Take care of additional IT infrastructure provisioning and configuration activities that are generally configured after creation and verification of the app.


  • 08



    Continuously focus on the health of the application and infrastructure and the impact of a release on the connected systems and devices.

Tools and Technologies

Front-end Development Angular, React, and Vue
Backend Development Node, PHP, and more
Mobile Development Java, Objective C, React Native, Flutter and more
Cloud Infrastructure AWS, GCP, Azure
Database MySQL, Relational DB, MongoDB, Graph-DB, and more
DevOps Automation CI/CD and More
Micro Services Docker and Kubernetes
Manish Kumar

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FAQ About Custom Application Development Services

IBM defines custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions, or organizations. In contrast to commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), custom software development aims at a narrowly defined set of requirements. COTS targets a broad set of requirements, allowing it to be packaged and commercially marketed, and distributed. Custom software, and its development, is also referred to as bespoke software. Custom software development is usually performed by in-house development teams or outsourced to a third-party.

There are many benefits of custom application development: flexibility, scalability, cost-efficiency, freedom, and more. Benefits vary from industry to industry. Industries such as retail, CPG, and entertainment always strive to stay ahead of the curve with the experience they deliver to consumers. The financial sector seeks more custom-made operating applications to process bulk transactions securely. Manufacturers are more prone to creating custom apps for connecting smarter and intelligent systems using IoT technology. The scope of innovation is vast in custom business application development.

Agile and DevOps custom software development is the set of services to develop, maintain and operate custom-built applications using agile or DevOps methodology. The agile methodology takes care of planning, evolutionary development, and delivery of the application, while DevOps focuses on collaboration among developers (Dev) and operational teams (Ops) to enable rapid deployment of applications. It also covers gathering business requirements and building the application from scratch or assembling from reusable pieces of code.

Different commercial models are used in the custom application development service market, which includes fix-price mode, time and material, managed capacity, to name a few. The most common commercial models is Per hour or per day, which is time and materials, or T&M. Other commercial models offer more accountability in business results, such as fixed price per sprint or business outcome contracts. The choice of the commercial model depends on the business requirements, project scope, budget, and delivery schedule. Contact our team to know more about the commercial model.

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