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*Is your existing Pimcore version performing very slow?

*Are errors/bugs and security issues in your existing system damaging customer relations?

*Are you not able to utilize Pimcore to its optimal performance?

*Are you facing challenges in client-side and server-side optimization?

*Are you losing on revenue due to increased friction in customer experience?price anywhere in the world.

Minds Task Technologies offers valuable performance assessment services to help you improve your existing Pimcore implementation and get even better results.

How We Help You

We help you identify areas for improvement, optimize your Pimcore system, and achieve significant performance gains.

Pimcore Performance Improvement

  • Conduct performance analysis and audit the code.
  • Speed up the Pimcore Platform (PIM, MDM, DAM, WCM, And DXP) performance.
  • Implement new business requirements in the existing system.
  • Add new modules or custom features to resolve any complex issues.
  • Review algorithms and data structures to improve response time or throughput.

Pimcore Upgradation

  • Risk freely upgrade Pimcore from the older version to the newer version.
  • Fix problematic errors/bugs during the up-gradation process.
  • Resolve issues related to IT infrastructure (servers, databases, etc.).
  • Address compatibility and scalability criteria to meet customers’ higher demand.

Pimcore Integration

  • Seamlessly integrate Pimcore with digital commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, and more.
  • Integrate Pimcore with SAP, Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce, and more.
  • Integrate Pimcore with AWS S3 Bucket and Elasticsearch.
  • Create API-based integration with any third-party apps.
  • Build and expose Pimcore API for other systems using Pimcore datahub Or RestAPI.

Pimcore Support

  • Get SLA based maintenance and support services.
  • Assign dedicated resource (PHP and Symfony developer) for day-to-day basis support service.
  • Get priority services for critical Pimcore patches and security hotfixes.

Why Choose Minds Task Technologies?

Minds Task Technologies is a Pimcore Silver Partner.  The company’s founders are the Pimcore pioneer, having been working on the platform since its inception. With over 15 years of open-source expertise (Pimcore itself being open-source), our team possesses an unparalleled understanding of the Pimcore technology ecosystem.

  • Pimcore Implementation Mastery: Guided numerous businesses through successful Pimcore implementations, from initial planning to flawless execution.
  • Open Source Expertise: Extensive open-source background allows us to leverage Pimcore’s core functionalities to create customized solutions that perfectly align with your needs.
  • Future-Proof Approach: Stay ahead of the curve with the latest Pimcore advancements, ensuring your solution is scalable and adaptable to future growth.
  • Industry Knowledge: Have helped enterprises in different industry verticals such as retail, manufacturing, automotive, CPG, and more to smoothly transform their PIM initiatives. 

The Benefits You Get

Certified Experts

Get in-depth understanding on Pimcore performance bottlenecks, functionalities bugs, and integration issues from our certified consultants.

Enhanced Experience

Help you elevate your brand, innovate your approach, and dominate the digital landscape to deliver engaging and personalized customer experience.

Increased Scalability

Help you make Pimcore more scalable, allowing you to handle future growth in data volume and user traffic without compromising performance.

Cost Savings

Improved performance can lead to cost savings through reduced IT resource requirements and improved operational efficiency.

How does Pimcore help you?

100 000+ organizations, SMEs and large enterprises in more than 56+ countries trust Pimcore for their business.

Single Solution

A centralized solution for PIM, MDM, DAM, CDP, DXP and digital commerce.

Personalized Experience

Attract more prospects with a smart personalized digital experience.

Flexible Deployment

Easily deploy Pimcore in your existing ecosystem without any risk, and scale it fast as per your needs.

Win More Customers

Engage more customers with better behavior targeting and sentiment analysis.

Open Source

Pimcore Platform is a perfect alternative to costly proprietary software, thus reducing your TCO.

Lower Cost

Affordable pricing – for small business as well as global enterprise

Our customers' success is our greatest success

Customer Success Stories

Image representing a London-based company's implementation of Pimcore and Open AI to revolutionize business-customer connections. The graphic showcases a dynamic interaction between technology symbols and human connections, illustrating the innovative integration of Pimcore and Open AI for a transformative customer experience.

A London-Based Company Implements Pimcore and Open AI to Transform Business-Customer Connections


Web Portal Modernization And Mobile App Development For German Fruit And Vegetable Suppliers And Retailers

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