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Web Portal Modernization And Mobile App Development For German Fruit And Vegetable Suppliers And Retailers

Project Details

The Overview

Since 1930, the client has been one of Germany’s most reputable fruit and vegetable traders, offering an extensive selection of 2,500 products to more than 1,600 businesses throughout the year.

The Challenge

The client’s market vision is to locate and offer a B2B portal delivered via a mobile application as a transaction process for suppliers and shop owners. The client wanted to give customers an intuitive platform where they could view various suppliers, look through categories, brand origins, and other options. Based on the information, they can make informed decisions on the best supplier, and place an order—all from the comfort of their smartphone.

But, the client was unhappy with the current portal as it was causing low engagement among their customers. Key challenges include:

  • The web experience needs to be updated and optimized
  • Customers cannot browse products without logging in
  • Poor user experience and slow portal performance
  • Operational inefficiencies due to frequent technical issues
  • Product categorizations and filtrations were hard to perform
  • No web analytics for getting insights and making quick decisions


The client and Minds Task Technologies team worked closely to define requirements and design, develop, and implement the solution.

A collaboration between the client and MTT resulted in the release of a refreshed, mobile-friendly experience for both iOS and Android platforms. We developed a safe cloud-based infrastructure and scalable architecture to make future functionality additions more usable. We have built new features and functionality for future scalability. All scalability needs of the new features were deeply considered before building them. This has helped us design a solution to handle the expected load and growth.

  • Key capabilities of the solution include:
  • Faster access to the application. 
  • Implemented pricing and delivery rules
  • Order products in offline mode
  • Integrated third-party ERP for seamless functioning

Key Deliverables:

  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Portal development 
  • Android development
  • iOS Development

Technology Used

  • Web app – PHP with Symfony, MySQL
  • Mobile app- React Native and PHP

The Result

The web portal is completely redesigned and rebuilt by Minds Task Technologies, providing shop owners with a streamlined and personalized experience. The delivered solution also provides a robust mobile foundation as the client expands their trading in the fruits and vegetables business line.

In November 2022, the solution was put into commercial operation. Today, more than 5,000 shop owners are using the platform.

The mobile application’s major successes include the following.

  • An intuitive user experience, streamlined navigation, updated user experience, and new user flows for accessing and managing placed orders
  • A scalable and constructible base product that makes it simple to add new features and functions as the product evolves
  • Internal teams can use app analytics to tailor the user experience thanks to the use of technical best practices and APIs
  • The operational team’s efficiency has increased to more than 85%
  • Product ordering has increased by 30%
  • Store owners can order products using robust filters for categories, suppliers’ or producers’ profiles, brands, product origin, etc. 

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