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Virtual Staffing Services


Virtual Staffing Services

Virtual Staffing Services

Execute Your Ideas at Speed and Low Cost

Virtual staffing services have got more attention from enterprises due to an unprecedented situation like Covid-19. The majority of enterprises are now looking for flexible ways to handle daily IT operations and get the job done at lower operating costs. But, you need a smarter team staffing strategy to make your virtual staffing objective successful.


What we offer

Our Approach

Minds Task Technologies enables you to leverage the right skillsets and expertise of virtual staff in order to achieve high-quality and high-performance project results. Our virtual staffing services focus on providing the right balance in the virtual staff with experience and expertise so that you can make the most of your virtual staffing decision and hit the ground running from day one.

  • 2+ Business Analyst 
  • 2+ Project Manager
  • 2+ IT Infrastructure Team
  • 2+ UI/UX Developers
  • 5+ Front-end Developers
  • 3+ System Architect
  • 5+ Quality Testing 
  • 4+ Mobile app developers
  • 10+ Back-end developer

Our Virtual Staffing Offerings

Front-end Development

Hire front-end developers who can translate your UI vision into reality. Our expert VAs are proficient in HTML, CSS, and JS and all popular frameworks and libraries such as Angular, Vue JS, and React to provide you the high-quality and low-cost front-end development services.

Custom Development

Installing a framework is one thing, but customizing and deploying it with best practices, lower risk, and reduced cost is another game. We with our competent virtual staffs enable you to go the extra mile and take full advantage of customized development.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Enhance your software maturity and improve user experience with our expert QA services. Our experienced virtual staff offers functional, manual and automation, performance, and usability testing to improve the functional compatibility, reliability, operability, performance efficiency, and security of your system or application.

Platform Integration

Our team of solution architects, UI designers, and developers help you seamlessly integrate platforms and frameworks like PIM, MDM, CMS, CRM, ERP, and other 3rd party apps with your IT ecosystem. We follow industry best practices and most suitable integration path so that you get the most out of your integration initiatives

Mobile App Development

Turn your mobile app idea into a reality at reduced cost. We offer virtual staffing services in every significant mobile development platform, including Android (mobile and tablet), iOS (iPhone and iPad), Windows Phones, React Native, and Flutter. Our focus is to deliver amazing mobile experience at competitive pricing.

Digital Marketing

Hiring a dedicated and expert digital marketing staff will set your business apart from your competition. We provide performance-driven digital marketing services. Our virtual staffing services on digital marketing offers end-to-end solutions that include SEM/SEO, SMM, PPC, Display, Content Marketing, and more

Our Approach

Virtual Staffing Our Approach

  • Understand business requirements

    We form virtual teams by understanding your business requirements to better respond to emerging tasks that require special expertise.


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    Analyze project-level scope

    We analyze project-level scope for clarity and understanding at both the individual and team levels for smoother execution.

  • Onboard well-suited and dedicated resources

    We make sure your virtual staffing decisions turn into successful execution. We focused on assigning the right subject-matter experts who will work as a team.


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    Scale as required

    We have the provision of extending the virtual staff as and when required so that you do not have to compromise on the project quality and the delivery date.

  • Provide continuous support

    We take care to match the right VA to meet your needs. We go one step further in providing continuous support for solving unexpected or critical issues timely.


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FAQ About Virtual Staffing Services

Virtual staffing services give you flexibility and freedom where you do not have to bother about setting up physical infrastructure such as leasing office space, buying furniture and systems, paying for utilities, and more. You can focus more on your core business activities rather than managing your less important tasks.

Virtual staffing services enable businesses to have more control over their core activities that are important for the performance of the business. It let you quickly execute your plans without worrying about establishing the HR/ Admin/ Recruiting teams.  You do not have to hire unnecessary resources when you have short-term needs. Virtual staffing services provide you more flexibility and freedom in terms of deploying the team as and when required. For example, you need a resource for critical project delivery, and you can onboard a virtual staff in just a few days.

Virtual staffing services have many benefits in terms of office space management, resource management, building employee-friendly policies for retention, setting up training programs, and above all, the cost of running the infrastructure. You can hire more VAs and scale up your operations without worrying about how much more office space you need and how much you have to spend on setting up infrastructure and resource hiring. Virtual staffing services set you free from these things.

There are two types of virtual staffing services that are quite popular that include:

Project-based: When you need just one task or project to work upon, such as design and development, integration, or it could be a more detailed project like creating a mobile app or eCommerce website.

Role/Skill-based: It involves finding someone to fill a particular role for our organization. The VA becomes a member of your team.

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