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Reduce Manual Testing Cost. Accelerate Release Cycles.

Reducing the time for a test cycle has become so important in recent years to stay ahead of the curve. If you are still overspending time and budget to validate and verify your applications and system software before its release, automated testing is the way to go. Majorly, the #1 reason to use automated testing is to eliminate much slower and error-prone processes and reduce the time it takes to test the application/software before release.

Minds Task Technologies is a leading automation testing company that helps you get the most out of automation testing. We specialize in implementing agile test automation strategies for complex web, mobile, and intelligent applications or platforms. Our automation testing services look at test automation goals from the perspective of what you lack in manual testing and how automated testing can enable you to get the desired and ideal outcome.

Improved Test Cycle :  Eliminate human errors and reduce the test cycle time by 60-80%.

Enhanced Coverage : Expand your testing horizon with higher test coverage and better product quality.

Accelerated Delivery : Speed up your release cycle with the power of automation and ensure continuous delivery.

Minimized Cost : Reduce the cost of testing more features, mitigate risks early in the SDLC, and lower the overall software testing cost by 40%.


Our Automation Testing Services

Automation Consulting and Evaluation Service

Different testing tools answer different business concerns and challenges. Get the most out of your automation testing strategy with our proven consulting and evaluation service. At Minds Task Technologies, we can help you implement the ‘fit for purpose’ test automation program, deploy the right test automation tools, and handle unexpected condition, errors or failures in an timely manner. Our dedicated automation testing team in place has in depth understanding of the pro's and con's of both manual and automation testing, which will help you deal with them better.

Customizable Test Automation Frameworks

Put in place the right automation framework to succeed with test automation. We offer customizable test automation framework services to reduce testing efforts and minimize time-to-market. We know every project has different challenges and constraints, and one size fits all approach can be risky. Our QA analysts and software testing engineers understand each project’s unique needs. We focus on reusability, keyword-driven approach, and data-driven approach for mobile and web automation leveraging industry-leading test automation tools and technologies.

Managed Automation Services

Quickly launch automated testing initiative for delivering high quality solution while staying cost-effective and agile. Minds Task Technologies’ managed automation testing services offer a flexible approach to suit your project requirements perfectly. We offer onsite as well as offsite test automation services across web, mobile, desktop, and API. Using appropriate testing tools, processes, and environment, we enable you to prevent high-severity defects and speed up the time to market of your mission-critical applications.

Selenium Automation Testing Services

Get the maximum out of Selenium automation tools to improve your testing efficiency and sustainability. We help you leverage Selenium to its full potential to speed up release schedules and minimize testing costs. Our expert and dedicated QA engineers give better control over Selenium automation by implementing your project-specific requirements. We offer cross-browser testing, testing on mobile, and data-driven testing to overcome your unique Selenium-based testing challenges, and deliver desired business outcomes.


Our Automation Testing Services Approach

Automation Testing Services Our Approach

  • Understand

    Analyze your testing automation needs and IT landscape.


  • 02



    Assess your existing automation solution.

  • Define

    Create an automation testing plan with the right tool selection, PoC, and implementation strategy.


  • 04



    Execute automated test script creation and execution with flexible automation testing options.

  • Report

    Build defects and bug reports and share with stakeholders.


  • 06



    Handover automation test pack to the stakeholders for future reference and maintenance.

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How We Deliver Business Results

It is a mistake to assume that test automation is simply ‘the capture and replay’ of a manual test process. Automation testing is fundamentally different from manual testing. There are entirely different opportunities and approaches. We, at Minds Task Technologies, make sure that you use automation to verify what you expect. We have years of experience utilizing proven techniques, best automation testing practices, and suitable patterns for effective test automation implementation. Our goal is to improve your chances of success with automation.

FAQ About Automation Testing Services

Automated software testing refers to applying automation techniques and tools across the entire software testing lifecycle in order to reduce the manual testing efforts. The main objective of automated testing is to design, develop, and deliver an automated test and retest capability that improves testing efficiencies and effectiveness. Automated testing can substantially reduce the cost, time, and resources associated with manual testing methods and processes for software life cycle development. If you do not have enough QA specialists or time to perform adequate testing, adding automation testing will minimize software instability and error rate and control the testing budget.

Manual testing is a software testing process in which test cases are executed manually without using any automated tool. The QA team manually runs all test cases as per the end user’s perspective.

Automated testing accelerates testing efforts that manual testing can hardly accomplish. It enables to automate repetitive and mundane testing tasks for overcoming the manual ineffectiveness and improving the inner quality of the code and the structure of the application. This way, team members can focus on more exciting and challenging tasks.

Your delivery schedules are taking a toll due to market pressures. You have a fear of late products can lose revenue, customers, and market share. Your current business scenarios demand resource and cost reductions as well. Then, you can adapt automation testing to reduce time to time as well as cut testing costs. Automated delivers software test provides key benefits: accumulative coverage to detect bugs/errors and reduce the rate of failure, repeatability to save time and improve time-to-market, and functioning impetus to improve resource productivity.

Various types of software testing are performed on any given system ranging from functional/verification of requirements testing to security performance testing.

Automated testing provides essential benefits such as repeatability, in addition to lower-level bottom-up testing, especially in the case of unit testing. The typical testing types that can be automated include: unit testing, regression testing, functional testing, security testing, performance testing, stress testing, concurrency testing, and code coverage verification. 

There are many automation testing tools available. We consider Selenium is one of the best tools for software automation testing. It is a portable framework for testing web applications. Selenium is open-source software and runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS.
If you need assistance to choose the best automation testing tool for your project, we can help you at Minds Task Technologies.

Any software development comes with a cost. The cost can be mainly affected by the number of developers and testers, multiple by the time it takes for them to deliver the software.

Minds Task Technologies offers affordable automation testing services. Our automation testing services cost is much lower than hiring your own in-house automation testing team. Hiring an expert automation testing service provider overcomes your worries regarding setting up infrastructure, including automation tools, workstations, tools, and office space. We can handle everything to establish a testing function that can deliver high-quality services.

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