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GPS Solves Multi-Lingual Product Data Challenges with Pimcore PIM


The Overview

GPS GmbH is a Germany based company that offers services to develop strategies for the more efficient use of their sensor data based on application-oriented research.

GPS presents the product line SICON IOT solutions for more effective use of machine data. Sicon is intelligent software in combination with an edge computing node. It condenses raw data, converts it into usable information, and offers a direct interface to web applications.

The Challenge

The client was having an issue with their product information management process. The existing process was very time-consuming and impacting their operational efficiency. Product data quality and consistency were also one of the biggest challenges. The client was looking for a robust and scalable PIM system that could streamline their product information and technical information and create dynamic PDFs in real-time. GPS also wanted a PIM system that would handle product data in multi-languages and provide APIs for business agility and scalability.


The client selected Pimcore PIM to resolve its product information management challenges. Minds Task Technologies collaborated with the client to implement Pimcore PIM. We first deeply understood their requirements and then started the implementation process. Key highlights of the Pimcore PIM implementation includes:

  1. Flexible data models were created to meet the client’s exact business requirements
  2. Implemented Pimcore DAM solution for handling product images, PDF, and other related assets
  3. Created APIs in Pimcore to add and manage product data in multiple languages

Besides that, we have built a mechanism for dynamic PDF creation. Whenever a product is saved with data updates, a new PDF is created with predefined templates, and the old one is replaced with the new one. The whole process of product information management has now become relatively smooth and easier-to-handle.

The Result

The implemented PIM solution now enables the client to manage their product data effortlessly, whether in a single language or multiple languages. Digital assets of their related products are now well-managed. The client can now create a PDF on the fly. Overall, the product data quality and consistency have improved tremendously. As the whole system in API-driven, it becomes easier for the client to scale it fast and integrate with other applications.

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