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Cultivate Your Authentic Brand Voice with Great Content

Lead generation and sales process has completely changed with digital marketing. Now prospects are smarter— they proactively explore options, seek peer recommendations, and then make informed decisions about your products or services. Every brand must realize that it is happening for real. Content marketing is one such practice that facilitates modern buyers to know, like, and trust your brand. Moreover, it’s a kind of branding. Content marketing puts your brand out front by providing the information-driven buying experience and positions you as the indispensable advisor before the eyes of buyers.

Get Discovered Faster: Every brand wants maximum coverage and reach of its offerings. They crave getting discovered easily and quickly by their buyers. Content marketing is an excellent enabler in capturing the interest of casual readers and nurturing them into buyers. It drives customer loyalty and brand evangelism. You can be as innovative as you want with content marketing to attract new prospects and retain your existing customers. No matter the size of your brand, it provides enormous opportunities to get noticed, increase the positive brand perception, and amplify your reach.

Generate More Revenue: Today, how you sell is more important than what you sell. You must inform first instead of pitching and selling your products or services. Content has an amazing, powerful, and persuasive effect when it comes to communicating your brand benefits and unique selling propositions. An education-forward content marketing approach gives you an edge over the traditional approach to influence new prospects and convert them into buyers. You can boost your sales and profitability; in fact, close more deals, reduce your marketing costs, and unlock new revenue streams. Consistent efforts in content marketing can yield long-term benefits to brands.


Our Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Strategy

We, at Minds Task Technologies, enable you to create the right content marketing strategy as per your business objectives. Before embarking on a content initiative, we analyze your existing challenges and understand what you want to achieve. Our creative writers and marketing experts have years of experience in crafting an outcome-based content marketing strategy. Our focus is on building the right asset for your audience for a better brand experience rather than distributing content waywardly on various channels.

Content Creation Services

The content is the soul of content marketing. Minds Task Technologies offers SEO copywriting, website copywriting, blog and article writing, whitepapers and eBooks writing services. Our creative writers strengthen your creative muscles by applying data philosophy and leveraging the metaphysics of content. We ensure our content creation process covers all the questions you want to address, while focusing on buyers’ desires/expectations, and inspiring them with the right form and type of content that your brand provides.

Content Promotion and Optimization

We offer the best content promotion and optimization methods so that your content gets the maximum visibility across channels amongst the right audience. We continuously apply intelligent approaches to distributing and optimizing content to boost engagement rates. We focus on smart on-page optimization using the language the audience uses when searching and socializing. We promote and optimize content not just for ranking and traffic purposes but also for relevancy and inspiring buying interest in your prospects.

Content Marketing Measurement

Measurement is a critical part of the overall content marketing plan. We help you track everything in content marketing for measurement and better outcomes. We put in place the right measurement KPIs to know how quickly your content is accelerating the funnel or shortening the buying cycle. We track whether your leads are coming with the content marketing efforts, and buyers are much closer to purchasing your product. We also utilize content analytics to provide more credibility for budgeting and growth opportunities.


Our Content Marketing Services Approach

Content Marketing Our Approach

  • Define Purpose and Business Objective

    We set the right foundation for your content marketing strategy. Collaborating with you, we understand what your business objectives are, what you want to achieve, why you are creating content, and what values you want to deliver to your prospects and existing customer base. Our key objective is to enhance your brand’s share of conversation and generate more leads.


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    Understand Targeted Audience

    A shallow understanding of your prospects is dangerous. We perform in-depth audience research and competitive research to identify and understand the right audience for your business. We put in place a well-defined explanation of who your content can help the most, what is the right type of audience— their interests, habits, and challenges—and what benefits your content program can provide for them.

  • Build Unique Brand Story

    Behind every brand, there is always a story. We focus on specific and compelling storytelling ideas through our content creation efforts so that they will reflect your organization’s values and brand voice. Our experienced team of creative writers, storytellers, and designers tell your brand stories through visual content, rich content, infographics, whitepapers, and interactive to provide experiences that inform and create an emotional connection with your buyers.


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    Onboard the Right Processes and Teams

    We give special focus on the structure, planning, execution, and management of tasks involved in activating your content marketing strategy. We put in place the right strategy, people, processes, technology, and measurement KPIs to improve your content lifecycle management. Our content marketing team at Minds Task Technologies facilitates you with an end-to-end content marketing plan that includes briefing, drafting, identifying, developing ideas, launching, and measuring.

  • Track and Scale Performance

    We, at Minds Task Technologies, ensure that the performance of your content is monitored and measured in every way to get deeper insights and make more informed decisions for better business results. We help you evaluate content marketing impact, refine implementation processes for ongoing optimization, and scale content marketing if required. We explore new content marketing tactics to boost ultimate sales conversion rates based on data and measurement reports.



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FAQ About Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is the strategic marketing practice that focuses on developing and distributing relevant, valuable, and consistent content to capture the interest and acquire a well-defined targeted audience. Content marketing aims to create awareness amongst buyers, help them make an informed decision, and influence them to take buying action. Content marketing has now become one of the integral parts of digital marketing. In fact, 90% of B2B organizations are using some form of content marketing.

Content marketing strategy is about utilizing the people, process, and technology to generate desirable results. It is getting more and more advanced, enabling content strategy leaders with much scope to grow and excel. A well-defined content strategy generally includes audience research, keyword research, copywriting, editing, and content planning skills, management of multiple vendors, agencies, budgets, projects, and teams, robust data analysis and management skills, in-depth understanding of platforms and content formats, coordination and collaboration across the organization/departments, and measurement and tracking.

Content marketing offers many business benefits to businesses of any size. It helps brands in lead generation, creating brand awareness, expanding the customer base, building communities, driving traffic, improving search engine visibility, scaling into new markets, increasing audience engagement, enhancing brand value, and boosting overall business growth. Brands leverage content marketing in a variety of ways to empower consumers and evoke emotional connections with them.

Content marketing is simply irreplaceable. You cannot replace it with another form of marketing. It fits nicely for any business needs in any scenario or demography and can cater to any type of audience. Content marketing programs work best when they are executed in a collaborative capacity. For example, you can accelerate your other marketing efforts like social media marketing with content marketing. You can enhance your offline marketing impact by integrating it with a content marketing strategy. Moreover, it works well with native advertising, product marketing, traditional marketing, social media, SEO, inbound marketing, public relations, influencer marketing, and more.

Content marketing objective is to build trust and familiarity with a brand’s targeted audiences. In business to business (B2B) space, it becomes more specific because decisions are often taken on different criteria. As compared to B2C, the target audience of B2B products and services works in a narrowly defined market. Decision-makers of the B2B industry are generally autonomous in researching purchases. So, the main difference is the audience, and based on audience selection; the whole content marketing strategy is drafted. If the B2B content marketing strategy is executed well, it can generate exciting results in a short time and at a comparatively reduced cost.

Many digital marketing agencies offer content marketing services. Different agencies offer content marketing services in different ways. Some offer it as a standalone; some often pair with search engine marketing (SEO) or PR. If you cannot execute it in-house, hiring the best-suited online marketing agency is the right option. These agencies will also help you in how you can add value through content marketing (if you are not sure), and what type of content you should produce to engage your audience.

There is no standard rule in calculating the content marketing cost or budget. According to industry standards, the cost of content marketing can generally range from $3,000-$40,000 per month, depending on your business size, goals, and resources. You can start it at a small scale and then expand it slowly and steadily as your business demands. If your competitor is not doing content marketing or they are executing it well, then you have a clear advantage with the right strategy in place.

Our Content Marketing Services Packages

Basic Professional Enterprise
3 Content Assets Development 6 Content Assets Development 10 Content Assets Development
Online Project Management Schedule Dedicated Content Marketing Expert Dedicated Content Marketing Expert & Writer
Content Asset Outreach Content Asset Outreach Content Asset Outreach
Suggest Content-Level Changes 1 Personalization Graphic 2 Personalization Graphic
Performance Improvement 0f Specific Channels & Content Marketing Approaches Improve the Performance of Specific Channels & Content Marketing Approaches Improve the Performance of Specific Channels & Content Marketing Approaches
Monthly Performance Report Develop a Multichannel Content Strategy Develop a Multichannel Content Strategy
Monitor Competitors' Website Changes Monitor Competitors' Website Changes
Monthly Performance & Strategy Report Content Analytics & Content Trends Monitoring to Identify Best Emerging Content Types
Monthly Performance & Strategy Report

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