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Digital Strategy And Planning

Digital Strategy and Planning

Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting, Brand Strategy Consulting

Digital marketing is now shifting from static and whimsy to more dynamic, purposeful, and performance-driven. It now demands a clear and competitive strategy so that you can avert the risk of exhausting valuable marketing resources and budget. A well-designed digital marketing strategy helps you understand targeted audiences, contextualize and personalize marketing messages, and prioritize resources and budget for closing more leads and driving higher revenue. Digital technologies and innovative business models have forever transformed consumer behavior. Digital strategy and planning for CMOs and marketing decision-makers now imply a complete overhaul of how they plan, operate, execute, and measure their digital efforts for good fortune and higher ROI. Minds Task Technologies can help you put in place the right digital strategy to improve your digital presence and establish new sources of growth for the win.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning

Minds Task Technologies addresses digital marketing challenges to help you expand your digital reach and amplify customer engagement with your brand. Our digital marketing strategy and planning services offer a comprehensive roadmap for defining your overall digital marketing strategy and ambitions and setting up the right execution approach for the new marketing world. We start by deeply understanding your existing challenges or pain points and then analyzing them on multiple levels to establish a stronger action plan. We help you create a framework on strategic, tactical, and operational levels to address ‘where to invest’, ‘how to spend’, and ‘how to execute’. Our digital marketing strategy covers all the messaging strategy, implementation tactics and activities, and measurement metrics as per your business needs to strengthen your sales pipeline and infuse your brand around the end-customer.

The image features icons symbolizing analytics, strategy, and collaboration, suggesting a strategic planning session for digital marketing. It conveys the idea of a comprehensive approach to developing effective digital marketing strategies through data-driven planning and collaborative efforts.

Brand Strategy Consulting

Your brand communication says a lot about what you are promising to your end-consumers and what is your business vision and mission. If you consumers find any disconnect at any level of communication, it can negatively impact your brand trust and sales. Minds Task Technologies’ brand strategy consulting services focus on driving awareness, inspiring confidence, entertaining, and informing end-consumers with the right messages at the right channel. We blend the core essence of your brand with engaging communication and creative UI. Our content, UI, and technical teams collaborate to translate your business narratives into creative visuals that provide a compelling experience. We help you create the brand strategy for the web, mobile, and offline media collaterals with an impact.


Our Revenue Drive Digital Marketing Services and Experties

Performance Marketing

We help you build effective and result-driven performance marketing campaigns. We combine creativity, data-driven insights, and top-notch marketing tools to generate highly trackable results. We measure everything from brand reach, engagement ratio to the conversion rate on every dollar spent so that you always have a clear understanding of the performance. We execute, track, measure, analyze, and optimize to acquire more and more top-of-funnel leads.

Demand Generation

We apply a data-driven marketing strategy to create awareness and generate interest in your offerings across your defined target groups. We combine art and science to narrow down the distance between your offerings and potential customers through content and inbound marketing, direct response, and email campaigns. The ultimate goal is to improve conversions and generate more genuinely qualified leads for your business growth.

Content Strategy

We develop a content strategy that supports your overall business goals. We create, publish, distribute, and curate engaging content for a targeted audience across multiple touchpoints. We put in place innovative and information-driven content strategy for boosting awareness, generating leads, reaching a new customer base, amplifying brand voice, and strengthening brand loyalty. We blend a variety of content production strategy to test and learn what works.


Our Digital Marketing Services Approach

Digital Strategy Planning Our Approach

  • Understand your digital strategy vision

    We believe a well-defined strategy serves as a guiding light and overcome challenges at each stage so that you can maintain your effort, energy, attention, and sequencing in the right direction to drive results. We formulate an effective digital strategy considering your market dynamics, existing challenges, and specific requirements of your business.


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    Analyze your targeted market

    Each product or service has a distinct set of targeted customers with specific demands. The more precisely you define your audience, the better you’ll be able to engage them with the relevant messaging. We help you create a dossier for your ideal buyer persona — by demographics research, competitive analysis, market insights, and industry trends, and data analysis— to create a framework that can be propelled for generating more MQL and SQL.

  • Prepare the game plan

    The real test of the vehicle is when the rubber hits the road. The next step is to finalize how, where, and at what scale you want to reach your target audience. We create the implementation plan with realistic goals that covers defining marketing mix, setting KPIs, generating inbound traffic, optimizing organically, creating social media awareness, analyzing conversions, and generating sales qualified leads.


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    Draft messaging and creatives planning

    Once the game plan is ready, we identify the right mix of marketing channels and customer touchpoints to engage with the target audience in an authentic way. We strongly focus on creating the right content for the right audience to capture the interest of potential customers in the most effective way. We create, curate, activate, and manage content across earned, paid, owned, and shared media.

  • Finalize execution charter and measurement metrics

    We start execution planning in aligned with channel leads and sales targets. Our execution strategy includes daily campaign structures and operational goals that our teams perform for success. We build effective and measurable lead generation campaigns and keep a tab on budget spends on lead acquisition and conversion. We consistently analyze the data to measure the performance and fine-tune the campaigns for better outcomes.


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FAQ About Digital Strategy & Planning

Digital strategy is a process of defining the roadmap and direction, analyzing existing challenges or gaps, making decisions on resource planning and budget allocation to accomplish the desired business objectives. Today, digital strategy and planning have become prominent in enterprise strategy; in fact, it is gaining more and more attention in the strategic management of the business. It is now a way of life as every user is influenced by the digital technology.

Digital strategy may also extend to create the mechanism and framework for implementing and executing the plan. It is performed by CMOs, digital marketing strategists, brand strategist or whoever are involved in the organization growth. Organizations are realizing the power of holistically integrating data-driven marketing, social media, data analytics, cloud technology, and mobile platforms into their digital strategies.

Traditional ways of operating business are no longer lucrative. Digital has profoundly shifted competitive landscapes across every industry vertical. On top of that, consumer expectations have forever changed. Without a robust and future-proof digital strategy, organizations will struggle to engage today’s consumers, scale their business, and hit the revenue target. Digital strategy provides a new balance to organizations so that they can adapt to constant change, better assess risks, improve engagements, listen to their customers’ voice, and experiment to innovate.  
A well-defined digital strategy helps perform in-depth analysis to fill gaps, expand market reach, differentiate USPs, make data-driven decisions, improve the experience, and unlock new revenue opportunities. 

The implications and benefits of digital strategy are enormous. But it demands a proactive approach to achieve desired results. You need to smartly apply digital strategy into your business environment, which includes defining your target audience or buyer persona, understanding your customer demographics, selecting the right mix of go-to-market channels, and then tracking and measuring the performance.  
While applying digital strategy, you should get everyone on the same page so that you can establish a common vision for everyone. Not sure how to define your digital strategy, we, at Minds Task Technologies, can help you create digital strategies tailored to your business objectives.

Formulating an effective digital strategy is always a challenge.  A trickier question is what to include in the digital strategy, like how much to spend, what platforms or channels to choose, which tools to use, how to measure performance, and how to scale or expand.  Your digital strategy must include a clear insight on all components of strategic planning, execution, budget and resource planning, management, and reporting. 

Moreover, it must include the value, characteristics, and suitability of digital marketing tools, mediums/channels, and reporting tools. This can consist of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Campaigns, Email Marketing, Digital Display Advertising, Mobile Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. The most important aspect is crafting the right messaging and developing the campaigns that fit each medium for better ROI. If you have any specific questions regarding your digital strategy implementation, feel free to contact us.

Whether you have created a digital strategy from the ground up or you have tweaked your existing strategy, you need to set the goals for it. Though most digital strategy goals include effective and measurable demand and lead generation campaigns, qualify more and more leads to sales funnel, create engaging communication that resonates with your brand, boost business growth, and increase customer lifetime value. 

Digital strategy goals can also be divided into business goals, marketing goals, and social goals. Business goals are about increasing sales, better forecasting, strengthening market position, and improving overall brand growth. Marketing goals are related to conversions, leads form registrations, brand awareness and reach, and more and more user engagement. And finally, social goals are about building community, showing expertise in the field, and connecting with like-minded people. 

Digital plan is easy to pen down, but sometimes can be a nightmare to execute due to lack of expert resources and experience. It requires the right methodologies, proven processes, expert resources, and data-driven approach to bring your digital strategy to life for successful implementation. 

It would be best to put an action plan together considering the budget, resources, and creative assets. You should then divide the plan into smaller projects and tasks that will lead you to your ultimate outcomes/goals. In the execution phase, make sure you stay consistent with messages, creatives, and branding. You must define a timeline for each project and then develop a system for tracking your results. It is essential to review each part or campaign of the plan at least quarterly to ensure things are moving in the right direction. To succeed in digital strategy execution, persistence and patience are the keys. Want to discuss your digital strategy execution in detail, avail our free consulting services.

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