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Flutter App Development Services

Flutter App Development Services

Build Innovative iOS and Android Apps in Record Time

The vast majority of new applications coming into and being developed within organizations are not specific to a single OS or device. They support multiple operating systems and multiple devices. Flutter makes it easier to build modern, native, and reactive apps for mobile, web, and desktop. You can create fantastic and seamless applications for iOS and Android from a single codebase.

Minds Task Technologies helps organizations in creating an outstanding mobile experience with its innovative and cost-effective Flutter app development services. We help you create flexible, scalable, secure, and intuitive applications for a highly personalized experience. Many industry leaders rely on our Flutter expertise in creating interactive, performance-driven, user & device friendly and easy-to-configure mobile apps solutions. Because we create solutions for diverse businesses, you can get extra benefits for your mobile app solution from our expertise and experience, including:

Tremendous Flexibility : Create beautiful and professional-looking applications with the flexibility to customize any aspect of the application

Faster Development : Build apps more easily and quickly to be run on multiple platforms or ported to multiple platforms

Minimize Cost : Create a multiplatform strategy for the utmost application flexibility that also at reduced TCO

The image features a team of developers collaborating on coding and designing a mobile app using Flutter. It conveys the expertise and process involved in Flutter app development services, emphasizing the commitment to creating innovative and reliable cross-platform mobile applications.

Our Flutter App Development Services

Flutter App Consulting

Understand, ideate, and analyze to know if Flutter is the right choice for your next mobile app idea. Our dedicated Flutter consultants help you in creating a longer-term Flutter app strategy using problem-solving and a logical, fact-based approach. We consider each Flutter project unique and commit full time and effort to help you develop a better understanding of the possibilities that this open source application framework offers. Our consulting goal is to help build apps that deliver a great user experience and boost business growth.

Custom Flutter App Development

Unleash the full potential of Flutter with our custom flutter app development services. We precisely know each unique idea demands custom development on each operating system to allow it to operate correctly, particularly for mobile devices, as these can vary greatly in terms of screen resolution, aspect ratio, and processing power. Our expert UI and flutter app development engineers have years of experience in rolling out diverse mobile app ideas for different industry verticals. We love to take up unique challenges.

Flutter API Development & Integration

Need to access specific iOS or Android API functionality? Our experts can help you in flutter API development and integration as per your business needs. Applications made in Flutter are built from a single codebase, so we take care of everything while creating APIs and further integrating with your IT ecosystem. We make sure your specific iOS and Android APIs can seamlessly interact with other systems. You can reuse the business logic and integration code and achieve greater flexibility to gain tangible business benefits.

Flutter Maintenance and Support

Make sure your Flutter app always performs at peak performance for a fantastic customer experience. Our Flutter maintenance and support team include UI engineers, developers, system admins, and architects that closely monitor your app for any glitches, app crash scenarios, and performance issue and offers an immediate remedy to ensure the smooth functioning of your mobile app. We eliminate performance bottlenecks, improve response time, ensure data security for better productivity.


Our Flutter App Development Approach

Minds Tasks Technologies use a flexible approach rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. We focus on delivering Flutter app development services with all the features and functionality that were thoroughly, meticulously, and often, sufficiently defined during the business requirement and design phases. We utilize tools, frameworks, and components that are best in the industry and up-to-date. Our goal is to improve productivity, increase app usages, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Flutter App Our Approach

  • Discovery Process

    Understand and analyze your business ideas for app functionality and prioritizing them into a roadmap. So that you do not run the risk of wasting your precious time, development resources, and budget on deploying the wrong types of Flutter apps.


  • 02


    Design the App and UX

    The field of UX is vast and complex, and almost always needs a team with overlapping competencies. We ensure that prioritization of user expectations takes into account the user’s most important UX needs, and they must be fully translated to new, relevant user experiences.

  • Develop the App

    We adopt agile development practices and plan for frequent rapid deployment, as well as rapid iterations of mobile apps. We pick the appropriate development method that suits your business ecosystem. Our Flutter app development team contains all the skills necessary to deliver on the project goals.


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    Test App Performance

    We have experienced quality engineers who are directly embedded in the team. Our QA team defines test cases and scenarios based on their interactions with customers. We perform end-to-end testing, including user interface automation, smoke testing, load/stress and security testing, and UAT testing for optimal app performance.

  • Integration and APIs

    We address all mobile app integration challenges in ways that do not compromise the agility and stringent time-to-value of mobile teams, while optimizing costs. We identify the organization’s mobile app integration challenges and define plans to incrementally fill gaps, possibly on a project-by-project basis.


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    Deploy the App

    Deployment is more complex than development and falls under the broad category of DevOps. We have experienced and expert persons in our app development team who understands how to deploy Flutter apps on the official App store or further public mechanisms.

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FAQ About Flutter App Development Services

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google, and the web from a single codebase. Flutter provides the developer with tools to create beautiful and professional-looking apps and with the ability to customize any aspect of the application. Flutter applications result in native performance for both iOS and Android platforms. It is fast and flexible.

Flutter uses Dart to create the user interface (UI), removing the need to use a separate language like Markup or visual designers. Applications made in Flutter are built from a single codebase, are compiled to native ARM code, use the graphics processing unit, and can access specific iOS and Android APIs by communicating via platform channels. Another advantage of the single codebase is lower maintenance costs and simplified manageability, because the code is managed on a web server.

Flutter is a portable UI toolkit for building natively-compiled apps across mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase, whereas React Native is a kind of framework for building native applications using React. Flutter is created by Google, and React Native is developed by Facebook. Flutter usages, Dart, as a programming language, and React Native uses JavaScript. Flutter has only one codebase, the apps look and behave similarly across iOS and Android. On the other hand, React Native uses native components, so your app’s components will be instantly upgraded after any OS UI update.  According to StackOverflow, 58.5% of the developing community loves using React Native, and Flutter is loved by 68.8% of the developing community.

Most apps need to run on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and the web. Flutter’s UI toolkit helps build beautiful native apps from a single codebase without compromising on quality speed, or performance. Flutter renders your app itself, rather than letting the platform do so. This makes apps fast and responsive and can run on whatever platform you would like. There is never any bridge or switch needed to go between your app and the platform. All that Flutter requires of the platform is a canvas in which to render the widgets so that they can appear on the device screen, and access to events, like finger taps, and to services, like the camera and geolocation.
Having a separate or dedicated Flutter app development team performs end-to-end tasks, including design, development, integration, user interface automation, load/stress and security testing, and deployment. It improves more coordination at planning points, and a solid set of application life cycle management tools to create automation for tasks, workflow and the capture of discussion. These types of functions can be outsourced; however, to be effective, there must be a strong set of development team directly embedded in your IT team.

Flutter app development cost can range from $4K to $100K, and beyond. It entirely depends upon factors like existing business model, app type, feature and functionalities requirement, scalability, and availability. At Minds Task Technologies, we focus on controlling project costs by profoundly understanding the effect this can have on technical and business requirements, primarily if app development is run in an agile manner. Want to know the exact estimate of your Flutter app idea? We offer 30 mins FREE consulting.

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