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SCA Integration Services


SCA Integration Services

Easily Update your Integration for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Prevent Unnecessary Payments Declines

There is a growing urgency to address the diverse user authentication needs for greater security and hassle-free transactions. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is one such rule that is critical as part of PSD2 regulation in Europe across all verticals, not just in banking, where it is already commonplace. Enterprises must take care of SCA integration with proven effectiveness and ease of implementation.


What we offer

Our Approach

Minds Task Technologies offer expert services to assist you with SCA integration and help prevent transactions from needless declines. Our services are specially designed to meet SCA requirements so that your business continues to grow. We help you in:

  • Understanding how your business is impacted
  • Analyzing which SCA-ready product is right for your business
  • Defining and implementing the right SCA integration path

Our SCA Integration Services

SCA Integration

Make sure you do not miss the deadline for Strong Customer Authentication. Minds Task Technologies helps you timely and risk-freely update your SCA integration to avoid payments decline, whether one-time payment, recurring payments, or payments with a separate authorization rule.

SCA-ready products and APIs Implementation

Easily update your SCA integration with the right product and secure APIs. We have knowledge and expertise in Stripe-based prebuilt and customizable solutions to help you meet SCA requirements. We ensure your integration is SCA-ready using secure APIs.

SCA Integration Testing

Extensively verify and validate SCA integration to get a complete peace of mind in the payment process. We offer robust SCA integration testing services as per your business needs. We follow Strong Customer Authentication best practices and advanced automation testing tools to make your system safe and secure after integrating SCA.

Our Approach

SCA Our Approach

  • Analyze

    First, we understand your business ecosystem to deeply analyze the flow of payments.


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    Outline the best suitable strategy to put in place the right integration path.

  • Implement

    Roll out SCA integration strategy in aligned with whether it is one-time payment, recurring payment, or other payments rules.


  • 04



    Rigorously test the implemented system for dynamic authentication and mitigating unnecessary complications.

Manish Kumar

Get 30 minutes of free consultation to implement a SCA Integration solution to stay ahead in the competition.

FAQ About Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new set of rules that will change how consumers confirm their identity when making purchases online. Changes were introduced to online payments in order to provide further protection to customers. Under the Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2), Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is required where a payment service user (customer) initiates an electronic payment transaction.

SCA rules are comprehensively applicable for card payments/transactions.  In the UK, it applies from 14 March 202. In the rest of the EU, it applies from 31 December 2020.  As per the communication, these deadlines will not change.

If you do not comply with SCA guidelines, your e-commerce card-based payment transactions (non-compliant only) will be declined. You must implement the new rules to ensure smooth and hassle-free transactions. If you are operating in Europe, Minds Task Technologies recommends you take urgent action so that you do not have to face payment declines which may otherwise impact your business ROI.

SCA integration is a technical process, and it involves analysis, roadmap definition, technological implementation, and rigorous testing. You should contact an expert SCA integration service provider to discuss the implementation scenarios. Sometimes, it may also require specific changes to your payment gateway process. If you have more queries regarding SCA migration, contact our team.

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