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Back End Development

Build Robust. Scale Confidently.


Back End Development

Build Robust. Scale Confidently.

Back End Development Services

Robust, Scalable, and Secure Solutions


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Today’s digitally-driven businesses demand continuous innovation in the development and delivery of their back-end systems. Those, who slow to evolve and transform, are at a higher risk of falling behind and losing revenue opportunities. You must continuously upgrade your back-end systems with the best practices and latest technologies to boost operational efficiency, improve time-to-market, and bring positive change.

Minds Task Technologies offers robust back-end development services to help you excel fast in the era of digital products. We utilize the latest development tooling, and industry-leading back-end approaches to execute your strategy. Our back-end development solutions are easy to scale, highly efficient, and innovative to achieve greater satisfaction from your business stakeholders.

Our Back End Development Services


Build scalable back-end systems with speed, efficient, and lower development costs. Leveraging Node.js, we help you build high-performance, highly scalable back-end systems for IoT applications, microservice development, desktop applications, and more. Our talented software engineering team can develop a diverse range of solutions for real-time application, IoT device, or high-traffic sites.


Customize, modernize, upgrade, or build from scratch using our PHP expertise. Minds Task Technologies provides you end-to-end services, from designing, developing, testing to integrating secure PHP-based back-end systems. We use industry-leading methodologies, tools, and frameworks to deliver your project within budget and timeline. Hire our expert PHP developers at a competitive price.

Custom Development

Get complete flexibility, choice, and freedom to innovate and improve business performance with our custom development services. We offer specialized custom back-end development services using dedicated resources, industry-leading development techniques, and suitable software engineering methodologies and models. Get high performance at reduced development cost.

Our Approach

Back End Development Our Approach

  • Planning

    Define and scope the business requirements in order to go from idea to prototype quickly.


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    Build front-end UI and templates as per your branding guidelines and touchpoints you want to cover.

  • Development

    Perform key development activities associated with the creation of the code release considering code enhancements, development effort and time to deploy.


  • 04



    Analyze all the activities required to ensure the quality of the release, including gate tests such as user acceptance testing (UAT), smoke testing, etc.

  • Preproduction

    Push the application to release or a location used to stage the application ready for release.


  • 06



    Schedule, provision and deploy the application into production and then track, log, and provide report on the release activity.

  • DevOps Configuration

    Take care of additional IT infrastructure provisioning and configuration activities that are generally configured after creation and verification of the app.


  • 08



    Continuously focus on the health of the application and infrastructure and the impact of a release on the connected systems and devices

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FAQ About Back-end Development Services

Back-end development is majorly related to the server-side of development. It is also referred as server-side scripting and programming. This is the part where code is written and deployed to get the desired functionalities of the system, application, or product. It generally includes 3 parts— an application/system, a database, and a server. The code is usually written in the chosen programming language by the back-end developers.

Front-end web development refers to designing the user interface of the application, software, or website using web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. It is also called client-side development. On the other hand, back-end development is concerned with the interactivity of the system with server and database through programming for the appropriate functioning of the system and getting the desired output. It is also called server-side development.

Front-end languages are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Back-end languages are PHP, .NET, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, and more.

You first need to define your back-end development requirements such as what type of system or application you want to build, how it interacts with front-end system and what is the desired output, and the budget. Considering your requirement, you can choose different options to hire back-end developers that include contacting freelancers, consulting with a local development team, or outsourcing to expert web development companies. If you have specific requirement or questions that you want to discuss in detail, contact our team.

A robust, scalable, and secure back-end system demands resources with diverse skill sets such as you need a solution architect, software engineer, system admin, database administrator, quality analysts, DevOps engineers, and cybersecurity experts. A dedicated back-end development services provider has in-depth experience in handling complex development projects. They have expert teams in all disciplines required to design, architect, develop, deploy, and integrate the solution. They also offer engineers who are trained in agile methods and DevOps practices to speed up the release cycle and reduce development costs.

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