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Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Committed to Quality. Sacred to Trust.


Quality Assurance And Testing Services

Committed to Quality. Sacred to Trust.

Comprehensive Set of Testing Services to Uplift QA Maturity Level

Power quality and improve reliability of your applications

QA and testing practice is now core to the software development life cycle (SDLC). 40-45% of resources and time in software development is spent on verification, validation, and overall quality assurance. In the dynamic eco-system, it is now a norm to test everything and test continuously to minimize errors and failure rate, speed-up time-to-market, reduce maintenance cost, and improve customer satisfaction.


What we offer

Our Approach

Why Minds Task


Minds Task Technologies’ QA and testing services help you establish concrete control over your product’s life cycle, monitor every development stage, and deliver exceptional quality, efficiently and reliably. Our quality assurance and testing services offer a mature and robust validation process from the perspective of functional compatibility, reliability, operability, performance efficiency, and security to enhance your software maturity and improve user experience— all leading to bring business growth and innovation.

  • 4+ Dedicated Manual and Automation Test Engineers 
  • Supporting 5+ active clients across 4+ countries
  • 2 Selenium Certified Quality Assurance Testers

Our Quality Assurance Testing Services

Functional Testing

Rigorously test, validate, and verify your mission-critical applications and solutions against the required functionalities, specifications, and business objectives. Minds Task Technologies provides functional and regression testing services for different software, applications, and platforms like web services, ERP, CRM, PIM, MDM, mobile apps, IoT apps, and other leading rich internet applications. Our functional testing services include unit testing, sanity testing, smoke testing, integration testing, and usability testing to ensure your software performs as expected value and pre-defined behavior.

Automation Testing

Improve testing and validation speed, reduce quality assurance costs, and enhance software quality accuracy of complex systems with advanced automation testing services. Our dedicated and experienced test automation engineers use best practices, the right framework, and innovative techniques to help you build and maintain software and platforms— timely and cost-effectively. We have a culture of continuous improvement to help you take more leverage of automated testing for improving the inner quality of the code, reducing test execution time, and overall structure of the solution.

Performance Testing

Detect and eliminate all performance bottlenecks for improving efficiency and controlling costs. Our performance testing services help you build highly available, responsive, and scalable systems. Minds Task Technologies’ experienced and well-trained engineers and QA consultants carry out code optimization, infrastructure performance tuning, and validation in aligned with end-user perspective and optimal performance standards. We bring into practice agile and DevOps capabilities, utilize the appropriate performance testing tools, and design a conducive environment to increase the stability and reliability of your system.

Usability Testing

Enhance customer experience, improve the adoption rate, and drive more business growth and revenue with usability testing services. We analyze and test your applications or platforms across different channels, demographics, locations, devices, and operating systems to evaluate the usability of the application against the established benchmark. Our usability team performs assessment tests, exploratory tests, validation and verification tests, and comparative usability test between competitive products. We adopt an iterative and design thinking approach for usability testing throughout the product lifecycle.

Our Approach

QA Services Our Approach

  • Create Plan

    MindsTask Technologies first set project objectives to increase the odds of project success and reduce overall project cost. We clearly define metrics related to your goals and identify any necessary business process improvements before the project starts.


  • 02


    Analyze Requirements

    We try to simplify your business processes as much as possible before automating with the Pimcore platform. Simple processes cost less to implement, are more likely to satisfy business objectives, and will be much easier to change once automated.

  • Ensure user-friendly Pimcore Implementation

    We strive to maximize end-user adoption and delight them with memorable experiences by implementing Pimcore in the most user-friendly way throughout the Pimcore implementation journey.


  • 04


    A balanced team as per your requirement

    We align the most appropriate team that has the skills, experience, and vertical expertise so that you succeed fast and risk-freely. Our team continues to provide support services after the launch-phase to ensure smooth adaptability.

  • An agile approach for better outcomes

    We use an agile implementation approach. We believe in evaluating the project’s progress frequently and be prepared to course-correct or even realign your requirements quickly before too much is invested.



Minds Task Benefits

Experience and Expertise Proven Quality Management Process Industry-standard SLAs and Security
  • Highly skilled and experienced technology consultants, architects, designers and developers, and QA engineers
  • Utilize industry-leading Project Management tools for project tracking plan and methodology
  • Apply industry-leading standards and security frameworks
  • Deep knowledge of the latest technology and tools
  • Ensure project status reporting frequency, structure, and process
  • Strictly follow compliance, regulatory guidelines, and policies
  • Adopt best practices and framework for cost efficiency and faster time-to-market
  • Flawless change management plan and tracking
  • Comply with relevant business rules, standard, and demographic laws
  • Hands-on experience in working with diverse industry verticals
  • Issues management process and tracking plan
  • Ensure confidentiality and protection of your business-critical data
  • Partnership with leading software and solutions providers
  • Risk management and software configuration management plan
  • Formalize service level agreements as per the client’s unique requirements
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FAQ About QA Testing Services

Software quality testing or software quality assurance (QA) is a well-defined systematic approach that ensures that the software product being developed performs as per the desired specifications and expectations under the given environment. QA testing applies different methodologies, approaches, and standards to eliminate all errors/bugs, risks, and performance issues. Quality Assurance and software testing in the SDLC helps produce a top-quality and future-ready software product in a defined budget and delivery timeline with better robustness, adaptability, usability, and customer experience.

There are different software testing approaches and methodologies adopted by organizations to streamline process standards, project audit, and development procedures for the successful rollout of software products with minimum risks and issues. Generally, software testing approaches are divided into two categories functional testing and non-functional testing.

  • Functional Testing: Unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing
  • Non-functional testing: Performance testing, security testing, usability testing, and compatibility Testing

The most popular and well-known software testing methodologies include Agile Methodology, Waterfall Methodology, Verification, and Validation Methodology (V-Model), Incremental Methodology, Spiral Methodology, and XP (Extreme Programming) Methodology.

The type of software testing or quality assurance services typically depends upon your business requirements. Various kinds of testing services like static website testing, desktop application testing, dynamic web application testing, eCommerce platform testing, mobile application testing, iOS application testing, android app testing, web automation testing, mobile automation testing, web API testing, security testing, and cloud testing, and more. Based on the type of application you are running and the challenges you are facing, testing services can be opted. Minds Task Technologies specializes in manual, automated testing of Mobile, Web, and Desktop applications.

Outsourcing software testing can bring many benefits in terms of end-product quality, faster rollout time, and better cost management. QA services providers have a well-established team of QA engineers and professionals whose knowledge and technical skills can be utilized at each step in the software development process. An expert software testing services provider adds value to every set of circumstances, such as running a variety of test cases for broader usage scenarios, load factors, security scanning, infrastructure or environmental combinations, and other factors. You can also get a dedicated QA engineer who can bring a fresh perspective while performing the test process. You do not need to invest in setting up testing environment like servers, tools, operating systems, and so on. Even you can onboard a number of QA engineers available to work together with your development team to release the product within the defined timeline.

It depends upon various factors such as quality of work, value for money, timely delivery, and reliability. It would be best if you first examine and carefully analyze your business requirement, then do vendor research online and offline and narrow down the list that fits well in your requirement, and then ask for RFP from the selected vendors. Based on the RFP, you can zero on the right QA services company. The outsourcing vendor you are looking for should be highly reliable in terms of quality service delivery, experienced in providing end-to-end QA services, and expert in different testing methodologies, tools, and technologies. Cost is another deciding factor so that you save a lot on your operational costs.

Minds Task Technologies offer one Week free consulting on QA and testing-related services. Please speak to one of our representatives or directly call us to know more about our QA consulting services.

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