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Performance Marketing

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Engage Your Ideal Audience. Improve Your Sales Opportunities

Performance-driven marketing has somehow changed the rule in the overall marketing mix. Performance marketing focuses on generating more precise and targeted engagement amongst buyers to deliver higher ROI and amplify business growth. It offers you a performance-based view of campaigns that no other form of marketing technique can boast on its own. It improves your ability to correctly attribute the return of media spend across channels and exceed your marketing goals. Moreover, it has become an integral part of the overall marketing strategy. Performance marketing is highly effective, result-oriented, and – most important of all – measurable.

Double Your Engagement Rate: 80% to 90% of brand awareness increases with performance marketing. The best example is display ads. It provides the brands more exposure by serving the right audience at the right place. The more targeted is the campaign, the better will be the performance. You can also increase or decrease the budget as per your business requirements or even scale it further to generate more engagements. Performance marketing with display ads is best suited for creating brand awareness and informing the targeted audience with the right message.

Generate More Leads: You can generate 50% more leads with performance marketing. Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is the ideal choice that is more likely to fasten the lead generation process than organic clicks. It can do wonders for both those vigorously assessing your brand and those who aren’t yet pretty clear about your brand— just make sure you make data-driven decisions to generate traction for your campaigns. A targeted performance-based campaign ensures that you are educating about your products or services and at the same time convincing potential buyers to contact you or talk to your sales rep.


Revenue Driven Performance Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Minds Task Technologies enable you to get maximum visibility of your brand in an organic way using the best SEO practices, neater keyword research strategy, and smarter optimization rules. We execute end-to-end SEO services ranging from extensive keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, in-depth performance measurement, and performance tuning for better outcomes. We ensure that our SEO services help you generate relevant traffic, high-quality leads and increase your conversion rate.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

We apply a data-driven PPC strategy to help you connect with your target audience with precision and swiftness. We have certified PPC campaign specialists and marketing specialists who can execute and manage paid campaigns of any size and budget. We, at Minds Task Technologies, create ad copies, optimize your bidding goals, perform device targeting, manage campaign budget, monitor the performance of each keyword, and track ROI. We continuously scrutinize negative keywords and campaigns’ costs for better outcomes.

Social Media Advertising

Take social lead forward with our social media advertising services. We create engaging social media campaigns to expand your brand reach and grow the business. Our social media experts strategize social campaigns by understanding your objectives, performing competitor benchmarking, and analyzing customers' online behavior. We apply data and analytics to ensure you get the maximum reach for your brand voice and capture the interest socially active audience.

Display Advertising

We, Minds Task Technologies, make conscious efforts in displaying your ads on relevant publishers with the right communication. We help you ideate display ads, draft copies, build creatives, design and develop landing pages, and optimize further for better performance. We enable you to launch ads at minimum cost and scale it on the best lead generation networks, including web portals, apps, mobile apps, and social media websites to drive quality leads.


Our Performance Marketing Services Approach

Performance Marketing Our Approach

  • Outreach and Connect with the Right Audience

    We ensure your products and services find the right placements across the web on multiple lead generation networks. We take care of every aspect of performance marketing, such as varied formats, communication style, and tracking mechanism for display advertisement, native ads, internet-connected TVs ads, PPC, and search marketing ads. Our key goal is to execute your campaigns through trusted publishers and platforms so that you can get maximum visibility of your brand and receive a positive response from your prospects.


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    Manage Your Budget Effectively

    Managing the budget is very crucial in performance marketing. While starting a performance-driven campaign, we put special focus on the budget and its repercussion. This helps us easily plan the campaign. We know the budget of a campaign may deviate a bit, so we bid the right cost for each keyword or ad placement during the entire lifespan of the campaign. This method helps us to easily estimate and track spending. We also effectively utilize the spending limit option to stay aligned with the original planning. With better budgeting, we make sure the right audiences see your ads without the risk of losing the relevancy of ad placements. We smartly infuse the budget so that ads can earn more targeted impressions alongside improved conversion rates.

  • Continuous Improve and Optimize Campaigns

    The most exciting thing about performance marketing is that you can track its performance in real-time. We keep a closer eye on all campaigns running across multiple channels to ensure that they perform well. We bring into practice continuous improvement and best optimization methodologies to seek better ways to optimal performance. We fine-tune and make the adjustment on budget spends and track the results of those changes. Campaigns that are performing well, we optimize them to expand further and get scalable results. We ensure that every optimization step brings your brand at least one step closer to achieving the business objectives.


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    Track and Measure Performance

    Performance marketing is 100% measurable. We leverage this to demystify the path to more conversion. We consistently calculate cost-per-action, the relevancy on clicks, or other metrics you want to track during the campaigns. We set goals to create a guideline to measure the success of campaigns. We track everything from search engine traffic, website analytics results, unique visitors, the performance of inbound links, bounce rate, social media analytics, conversion rate, and overall ROI.

We, at Minds Task Technologies, offer 30 minutes free digital marketing consulting. Contact us to know more.

FAQ About Performance Marketing Services

Performance-based marketing is the kind of marketing where the client pays only when there are measurable results. It is exclusively related to the performance of the campaign. This form of marketing is becoming more and more popular with a growing interest in digital technology. Performance marketing works perfectly in internet marketing space because it makes it easier to measure performance or campaign results. Unlike brand marketing, where the focus is on awareness and consideration among the target audience, it focuses on generating quantifiable results. It is perfect for those who have a limited budget or may not take the risk of spending a huge advertising budget on traditional approaches.

With performance-based marketing plans, they avert the risk of spending massive amounts on advertisements that are ineffective. They pay only for results.

Performance marketing works differently from the traditional way of marketing. It involves marketing technology, analytics tools, measurable metrics, budget spending limits, and ROI results. It is fueled by the data-driven approach and better tracking mechanism; it means you do not throw budget here and there. In performance marketing, the business target is clear, and ROI results are ensured. It works in real-time scenarios like planning the campaigns, creating landing pages, preparing ad copies, managing campaigns through data, and then tracking results. Once the campaign is live—whether it’s on search engines, display ads network, mobile, and social platforms— you can start monitoring the performance right away.

The requirements for a performance marketing campaign come down to four areas. First is to drive consumer action rather than favoring awareness. The second is the cause and effect between the advertising and consumer action that can be clearly measured. Third is that the campaign can be can optimized in real-time or near real-time based on the measurement and data. The opportunities for advertisers have expanded across a range of different channels such as mobile, social, display, search, and email, to name a few. Because of this, you are able to broaden your opportunities for a higher return. You receive information immediately, which allows you to determine if you need to make adjustments to your campaign to ensure a positive ROI.

Clearly, the name implies performance marketing is based on performance. The client pays for the measurable results, paying based on how well an ad performs or how much engagement it has generated amongst the targeted audience. Earlier, performance marketing included only PPC (pay per click) or CPC (cost per click) campaigns; now, it has gone beyond such as engagement or click-through rates and impressions or views on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis.

Online marketing is the method of leveraging web or online channels to propagate your communication about your products, services, or the overall brand to its prospects. Different techniques and practices are adopted in online marketing services such as search engine optimization, email marketing, social media, display ads, Google Ads, affiliate marketing, and other online advertising platforms. Online marketing services enable businesses of all sizes to market their brand 24/7 at comparatively low cost. From startups to medium-sized enterprises to multiple-location companies, a digital marketing company helps you expand your reach to your target customers, no matter time differences or location they are operating.

Search engine marketing (SEO) can be one of the tactics used in performance marketing. SEO is about improving your products, services, or brand visibility organically. It is not like pay per click model. In SEO, you do not place ads or pay when the desired action is achieved. It’s one of the exciting techniques to get desirable results with organic efforts. You may get some free brand exposure from viewers. In general, you can earn a stable position of your brand if you consistently optimize your targeted keywords on search results. But SEO is a time-consuming process, and it does not deliver results immediately, just like Pay Per Click (PPC).

Performance marketing involves diverse channels like affiliate marketing, online advertising, and sponsored content. On different performance marketing channels, other formats and styles are used to connect with audiences. Many types of ads are created specific to channels like display ads, social media ads, native ads, audio ads, video ads, CTV ads, and more.

While choosing the best performance marketing company, you should perform a thorough inspection. It is essential to know their expertise or specialism in performance marketing, what results the agency has delivered, what their credentials are, which industries they have served, or even ask for a few clients’ case studies. Moreover, you can schedule a 30 min call with the agency to understand their expertise or offerings, and the results they have delivered. Culture-fit and time zone are other areas you should consider while finalizing a performance marketing company. We, at Minds Task Technologies, offer 30 minutes free digital marketing consulting. Contact us to know more.

Our Performance Marketing Services Packages

Basic Professional Enterprise
Performance Marketing Consulting Digital Strategy Creation Digital Strategy Creation & Campaign Design
Paid Media Management Paid Media Management Paid Media Management
Search Engine Optimization (50 Keywords) Search Engine Optimization (100 Keywords) Search Engine Optimization (150 Keywords)
Social Media Management Social Media Management Social Media Management
Lead Generation & Sales Campaigns Lead Generation & Sales Campaigns Lead Generation & Sales Campaigns
Light Graphic Design Display Advertising Display Advertising
2 Content Asset Creation Custom Landing Pages Custom Landing Pages
Monthly Reports Custom Ads (Text & Display) Custom Ads (Text & Display)
5 Content Asset Creation 8 Content Asset Creation
Contact us Remarketing / Retargeting Campaigns Remarketing / Retargeting Campaigns
Email Automation Email Automation
Monthly Strategy & Performance Reports Monthly Strategy & Performance Reports
Monthly Strategy & Performance Reports

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