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Pimcore Product Information Management(PIM)

A future-ready optimized Pimcore PIM will take your enterprise ahead by amplifying the power of Product Information

Product Information Management allows you to manage business information related to market and help to sell your products through diverse distribution channels. PIM offers a single platform to accomplish multiple tasks like collecting, managing and enriching your product information, creating a multi-channel product catalog and flowing your product information through various e-commerce and digital distribution channels. An all-in-one easy to use, faster and result-driven system to manage and introduce your product information across digital channels curating your omnichannel presence.


What we offer

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Why Minds Task

The rise of multichannel commerce, online retailing, consumer, and legal requirements have led to exponential growth in product data and the complexities of managing it. B2B and B2C organizations with high volume inventories must have accurate and up-to-date product information. The cost of inaccurate inventory, wrong shipments, returned items, and other errors can have a significant impact on profitability. A robust and advanced Product Information System empowers you to transform your omnichannel customer experience.


Minds Task Technologies is a leading PIM solution provider with a team of high-end technology experts. We provide the right technology solutions to streamline, enrich, and organize your rich product information. We custom implement and integrate PIM solutions to help you collect and assimilate data from multiple content sources and synchronize and standardize it for publishing across channels, including websites, social media, catalog systems and e-commerce portals.


Key features of Pimcore PIM Solutions include


  • Result -driven platform

    Pimcore PIM solution provides an exceptionally simple web platform with finest exception handling for distributors, retailers, internal teams of employees, data contributors, visitors and more. It offers a single web platform for collaboration and distribution of product data.


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    Omni-channel experience

    Minds Task offers a highly effective and configurable best-in-class Pimcore PIM solution that is capable of going beyond product information management providing a robust user interface for preview, manage and export product data across all major e-commerce channels.

  • Manage assets digitally

    Our Pimcore PIM solution offers an integrated digital asset management marketing automation and increased sales.


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    Data Automation

    We at Minds Task offer our highest data quality with audit and inspection of transparent and detailed business process management.

  • Drive higher conversion rate

    Pimcore PIM solution integrates with major merchant centers helping brands to convert visitors into potential long-term customers.


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    Manage Supplier relationships

    Multiply your business potential with our supplier relationship management with in-build MDM amplifying the profitability of your business.

  • Complete MDM solution

    We offer on the cloud or on-premise business process management with multi-domain MDM which is helping businesses growing and expanding faster.


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    Advanced futuristic customer experience

    Generate radical product data, match progressive customer profiles for personalized and customer-centric services augmenting customer experience for your users with MindsTask PIM solutions.

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Minds Task Benefits

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FAQ on Pimcore Solution

Pimcore is a leading open-source digital platform that enables organizations to consolidate, enrich, and manage enterprise data to improve operational efficiency and deliver personalized experiences to customers. It offers integrated and centralized solution for PIM, MDM, DAM, CDP, DXP/CMS, and digital commerce to improve data reliability, reduce manual errors, and ensure faster time-to-market.

Pimcore platform is built to solve any data challenge and optimize omni-channel experience. It is consolidated in nature that empowers organizations with a single ‘trusted version’ of information (product, asset, and customer) to eliminate data silos, improve operational efficiency, boost customer experience, and minimize IT costs. Pimcore is easy to customize and scale, thus it costs you less time and money to execute new initiatives.

Pimcore runs on one of the leading technology stacks in the world. It’s built on a standardized, robust, modular, open, and service-oriented architecture – 100% API driven. You can deploy the Pimcore platform the way you want— on-premises deployment, global 24/7 access via the cloud, and SaaS. Pimcore partner ecosystem is quite strong, so you can get all types of support and assistance to make the most of this amazing platform.

Pimcore is an open-source platform. It is available as a Cloud Edition, on-premises Enterprise Edition, and free Open Source Community Edition. You can use the community edition free of cost and customize it as per your business requirements. Cloud & Enterprise editions come with additional features and support, including Service Level Agreements, Long Term Support, and Enterprise Extensions.

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