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A Project Management Tools Provider Shortens Its Release Cycles With Improved QA Practices


The Overview

The client is a US-based leading provider of project management solutions and tools that enable companies to improve their project management capabilities, speed up delivery, and gain a competitive advantage.

The Background

The client has a continuous delivery schedule for their projects in order to meet their business partners’ requests. Their business was demanding a stringent QA process to improve their delivery quality. But there was hardly any documentation available for rigorous testing. There were APIs running for different flows. There were no standard bug-tracking tools that were making it hard for the client to assign, track, and report bugs. No test case management process was there. Test cases were handled with Spreadsheets which was creating more complexity for the system and release cycles. With the use of multiple sheets, it was getting hard day-by-day to track the progress of test case execution and reporting. The client was looking for expert QA assistance to improve their testing process, track progress in real-time, and ensure a rapid release cycle.


The client collaborated with Minds Task Technologies to improve their QA process. We first understood their complete business requirements followed by analyzing the existing QA process. We deployed JIRA and Zephyr to clearly gather the requirements and then mapped those requirements to Test cases and defects. We extensively reviewed critical test scenarios and detailed test steps.

There were different APIs being used, so we captured a detailed understanding of different APIs and documented them. We use proven methods for API testing to make them fully stable and robust.

Expert QA team of Minds Task Technologies worked with the client at flexible hours to collaborate with developers, understand their point-of-view, and get real-time updates on the bug fixes. We performed load testing for concurrent user load for both web and mobile apps. From the documentation, root cause analysis, test case management to real-time bug tracking, the client now has a better QA process in place.

Tools and Technologies

  1. JIRA – Requirement gathering and and bug tracking
  2. Zephyr for JIRA – Test Case management

The Result

The time spent on bug fixing and verifications has now decreased. API testing has enhanced the stability of the application. The client is happy with real-time updates on testing progress and constraints. With the involvement of QA, release cycles can now be better planned, thus saving development time. Overall, the production issues have reduced, reusability has increased, and overall development time and cost have been controlled.

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