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SaaS-Based Project Management Solution For A Food Cold Chain Logistics


The Overview

The client wanted to implement project management for food cold chain maintenance. It needed to control temperatures and check the suitable and functioning refrigeration. However, if the temperature levels vary along cold chains, it is required to monitor the deviation along with who has done the assigned task and who has not.

The client had to make upgrades to their existing technology stack in terms of providing more flexibility and features to their customers’ cold supply chain needs. It should also offer flexibility to create and manage company/organization profiles and allow the company to have a separate account(channel) with a separate database along with a distinct identity.

The Challenge

The client is a leading SaaS-based project management and user management software provider. Located in Europe, the client offers a customized project management platform for diverse industries like the food industry, CPG, retail, manufacturing, FMGC, IT, and many more industries. The software enables enterprises with features like project management, tracking and ticketing, live chat, contact management tools, dashboards and custom reporting, custom templates, document sharing and collaboration tools, task management, and workflow management capabilities.


The client chose Minds Task Technologies for its expertise in the required technology. We extensively understood the client’s exact requirements, then started building the features and functionalities on the top of latest technology. A significant amount of data was being shared amongst systems, so that needs to be handled carefully for safety, shipping, and pre-defined business rules. Moreover, the system should seamlessly communicate with members of the supply chain and yield access to information about the products in real-time.

On the top of this SaaS-based product, we have built Google Drive like features to manage, share, and collaborate on documents, allowing authorized users to create, upload, and share the document within the channel. The product enables a complete template module for project management, which helps in giving the right structure to the defined task. It provides the following features:

  1. Custom Template Management
  2. Document Management
  3. Organization Profile Management
  4. Notifications and Reports

End-to-End Task and Role Management

The solution allows creating multiple rules and roles with a position of authority to add and manage tasks, projects, users, and documents so the assigned user can add and access the documents with user rights management and authorization. It enables project teams to add a project, create rules, add roles, control accessibility, and assign roles.

Real-Time Communication Management

The communication management features one of its kind that enables users to communicate within the channel or the group easily. It allows any users to communicate with other users/users assigned for the same project within the channel, nullifying the team’s communication gap. It also provides one-to-one chat (within the group/channel) and one-to-all chat communication (within the group/channel) which is first of its kind feature in the project tracking software.

 Technology Used

  1. Front End Development: ReactJS
  2. Backend Development: PHP (Laravel as a web technology/API Based system)
  3. API Documentation: Swagger
  4. Server-side: MongoDB & MySQL
  5. 3rd party Integration: Thermite to import the customer’s data into the system and also API-based integration with other channels
  6. Compliance: The product is GDPR compliance

The Result

The project management software’s advanced features virtually eliminate all barriers to team collaboration with better project leadership, communication, and direction. The solution now empowers assigned teams with improved planning, costing, risk monitoring, quality assurance, traceability, and compliance management.

The improvement in efficiency achieved through the measurement, analysis, and management of time-temperature conditions has produced positive results in business growth.

The product is high scalability, as clients can seamlessly expand the capabilities by upgrading on-demand or by adding additional features. It gives the complete tracking of what is happening in a project.

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