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Automated Mobile App Testing Improves Execution Time


The Overview

The client is a US-based leading provider of project management solutions and tools that enable companies to improve their project management capabilities, speed up delivery, and gain a competitive advantage

The Background

The client wanted to introduce more and more features and functionalities to its project management tool. The primary requirement was to perform testing on iOS and Android apps. The existing testing process was not fruitful to accelerate their time-to-market. Various test cases and methods were placed without proper comments and error messages. This was making it really hard to track the root cause of the problem.

Previous methods used in mobile app testing were placed unsymmetrically, which has brought more complexity in the code structure and made it hard to understand the flow of the app. Moreover, it was not possible to set up the framework in the Linux machine due to the usage of MS Excel files for configuration settings.


Minds Task Technologies analyzed the complete technical and business requirement and proposed the most suitable testing solution. We first modified their existing test scripts to bring more clarity and simplicity in the testing approach. All critical error messages and bugs were properly displayed to ensure that script failure can be highlighted easily, and root cause of the problem can be duly analyzed. We also implemented Selenium inbuilt functions to accelerate the testing speed. An automation framework was also created for both Linux and Window environments. We have also integrated Jenkins CI tool for scheduling test script execution for both iOS and Android app. It also gives the option to execute the test script individually.

Tools and Technologies

  1. Automation Tool: Appium
  2. Framework: TestNG
  3. CI tool: Jenkins

The Result

The time spent on bug fixing and verifications on both iOS and Android has now decreased. With the scheduling of script execution, significant manual effort has been eliminated. When a script is run, a notification and the complete status report is sent to the authorized person. With automation and improved accuracy, the client is now able to release new features consistently and at the predefined timeline. The whole testing process has been streamlined and the development and QA cost is minimized.


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