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SCA Integration For A Leading Quality Content Accessible Solution Provider


The Overview

The client offers a quality content accessible solution that enables readers with 1-click pay and access to all types of digital content while providing publishers more revenue and actionable data to engage with readers.

Using this solution, readers can choose what they want to read, watch, or listen to, without having to buy a subscription. And, digital publishers can drive reader revenue and increase conversions.

The Background

The company provides a solution to monetize and convert a larger share of your reader base by accepting payments for selective pieces of content. The solution can also be used with the current paywall. Publishers or media houses can add pay per content on specific content. The solution also offers the capability to set and automate prices on the content and receive the weekly payouts. With the introduction of Strong Customer Authentication(SCA) regulation, the client wanted to update its integration to support SCA for payments and transactions. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new European regulatory requirement to reduce fraud and make online and contactless offline payments more secure.


The client has had a long association with Minds Task Technologies, right from the start of the design and development of the solution. For this particular upgradation, we deeply analyzed the business requirement in order to meet SCA requirements. As the integration was related to transactions and payments, there were lots of complexities that need to be handled while updating the SCA guidelines. For instance, many customers were using their current paywall, and many were using the client’s paywall. We first identified the client’s payment flow, determined the integration scenario, implemented the new integration path, and then rigorously tested the application for smooth upgradation. We integrated Strong Customer Authentication Solutions from Stripe.

The Result

The SCA upgradation now gives the client complete peace of mind while accepting payments and meeting Strong Customer Authentication requirements. There is now no risk of payment getting declined. The payments and transactions are fully compliant with SCA guidelines.

Project Details

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