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Image featuring a computer screen displaying a presentation titled 'Which PIM Features are Immediately Obvious for Powerful Customer Experience (Part 2 with Scenarios)'. Various data visualization elements and scenario outlines are visible on the screen.

Which PIM Features are Immediately Obvious for Powerful Customer Experience ( Part 2 with Scenarios)

In the previous blog, we talked about PIM features that are the foundation of powerful customer experience. In this part, we talk about what is the right choice and wrong choice of PIM with scenarios to give your better clarity…

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Which PIM Features are Immediately Obvious for Powerful Customer Experience ( Part 1)

As the digital business landscape constantly evolves, one crucial factor remains constant: prioritizing customer experience. Today's empowered consumers demand greater control over their shopping journeys, making it essential for e-commerce businesses to adapt and provide personalized experiences. This is where…

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The graphic illustrates a dynamic blend of digital commerce elements, presenting a thought-provoking question. The image conveys the essence of reevaluation and strategic reconsideration, suggesting comprehensive insights into refining digital commerce strategies for optimal results.

Should You Relook at Your Digital Commerce Strategy?

We can see today how customer behavior is changing. 86% of consumers will use at least 2 different channels (and 70% will use at least 3) when making a single purchase. As more customers shift towards multiple shopping channels, brands…

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Visual guide depicting the integration of OpenAI and Product Information Management (PIM). The image illustrates key steps in combining OpenAI's capabilities with PIM systems, emphasizing the synergy for enhanced data processing, management, and decision-making in a comprehensive guide format.

eBook – A Guide to OpenAI and PIM Integration

In today's digital age, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to gain a competitive edge, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. One of the most promising technologies driving this transformation is OpenAI, a leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions.…

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Power Up Your Biotech Operations: The Pimcore Suite Advantage

The biotechnology industry is rapidly evolving, and companies are striving to enhance their efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness. Drug developers now face a significant challenge of speeding up the process of bringing new drugs to the market. The latest report by…

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A visual representation of the 'Year-End Sale Dilemma,' featuring contrasting options for shoppers. The image conveys a decision-making scenario with choices between various discounted products and promotions, capturing the essence of the consumer's dilemma during a year-end sale event.

The Year-End Sales Dilemma

Everytime, as the year-end approaches, retail and manufacturing brands face a double-edged sword. On one side, there's the promise of skyrocketing sales, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. On the other hand, the challenge of managing the rising diversity of…

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The graphic showcases PIM (Product Information Management) icons and growth-oriented symbols, visually suggesting the exploration of key features and strategies for leveraging PIM to drive business expansion. The image hints at valuable insights into utilizing PIM for unlocking growth opportunities.

How These PIM Features Can Create Next Growth Opportunity

The increasing need for effective product information management solutions has become critical for businesses that sell products online. With the growing number of sales channels and the rising complexity of product information, companies face the challenge of managing and distributing…

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The image features mobile devices, shopping carts, and emerging technology icons, conveying the transformative impact of mobile commerce on the future of the e-commerce landscape. It suggests a deep dive into the reasons behind the rising significance of M-Commerce in shaping the future of online retail.

Why Is M-Commerce The Future Of E-Commerce?

Mobile commerce is one of the hottest topics in the retail world today. And for a good reason - mobile devices are becoming increasingly powerful, and customers are using them more often to conduct research, look for price comparisons, and…

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The image features a blend of retail and eCommerce icons, suggesting a comprehensive overview of emerging trends. It conveys the anticipation and significance of staying informed about key developments in the retail and eCommerce landscape for the upcoming year.

Top 11 Retail And ECommerce Trends To Watch In 2023

Consumers are increasingly interested in experiences rather than products. That's why experiential shopping, which offers unique opportunities for customers to interact with brands, is becoming popular. From food tours to fashion shows, there are many ways to create an engaging…

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Third Foundation Day Of Minds Task Technologies A Glimpse Of Ecstatic Moments

Cheers to the Journey of Minds Task Technologies from BEGINNING TO PRESENT! The absolute joy of reaching goals is all about working dedicatedly as a team and growing together as a family!! “We Ideate, Innovate and Create”- It is not…

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