Cheers to the Journey of Minds Task Technologies from BEGINNING TO PRESENT!

The absolute joy of reaching goals is all about working dedicatedly as a team and growing together as a family!!

“We Ideate, Innovate and Create”- It is not about the number of years; it is about the relations you build, the quality you deliver, and the new benchmark you set. During the journey of 3 years, Minds Task Technologies has been through the thicks and thins together as one team. Every team member has shown a great deal of resilience and innovation, especially in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.

Nothing inspires us more than our clients, who determined our potential in transforming their business ideas into what they dream of. We now feel proud to rejoice in our expanding reach with a growing global customer base.

It is time to take a moment to reminisce about our success stories, celebrations, events, workplace fun, & highlights that are close to our hearts.

And The Story BEGINS!!

Three years back, today was the day when two passionate entrepreneurs came together to shape their startup endeavours into a software development company. Ever since the day Minds Task Technologies onboarded its first employee, we emerged as a group of tech enthusiasts who consistently demonstrated their peerless expertise in the competitive space of digital commerce, PIM solutions, enterprise mobility, and cloud management services.

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented a unique challenge for businesses, including us. Our formation during the Covid-19 pandemic has shown a remarkable ability to adapt and find new ways of providing consistent value to our customers.

Well, time flies, and we must keep moving to achieve something better and more significant. However, we’re proud to relive our unforgettable journey with our top-notch domain experts and developers who empowered the company to attain prominence, especially in the digital solution domain. From a two-member team to a group of 30+ tech minds working together in the most friendly work environment, MTT has rocketed its success with a squad of talented people who believe in innovations.

Starting a business is never easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding. Indeed, this was the year of realization for all of us. Minds Task Technologies realized that the employees and clients are the strongest pillars and the most valued treasures. We thank each and every member of Mind Tasks Technologies for their fantastic contribution.