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How Evendo Transformed Travel Booking Experience with Pimcore PIM

Project Details

The Overview

Evendo is reinventing the global travel booking sphere as an Integrated Travel Agency (ITA) with roots in London, UK. Offering a cohesive platform with over 1 million accommodations and 300,000 bookable experiences across 125+ countries, Evendo is at the forefront of delivering a streamlined travel planning experience. By leveraging advanced technology and a meticulous quality enrichment process, Evendo is pioneering the travel booking domain, fostering a connection between memorable stays and immersive experiences, all within the convenience of one unified platform.

    The Challenges

    Evendo, a leading travel and event platform, faced several challenges in managing product information and bookings from various suppliers with inconsistent formats and high volumes, including:

    • Inconsistent Product Data: Data from various suppliers lacked a common structure, making it difficult to manage and integrate effectively. Inconsistency or error in product information could lead to frustration and negative customer experiences.
    • High-Volume and Inaccurate Data: Evendo dealt with a large amount of product data with varying levels of depth and accuracy. The growing volume and variety demanded more time and effort to manage diverse types of product data. 
    • Slow Data Ingestion: The way product data was ingested slowed down the entire process, impacting search speed and ultimately affecting the customer experience. Evendo needed a faster way to update its platform with new products and information.
    • Complex Booking Structures: Managing product booking structures was complex, especially with dynamic pricing and availability data. This complexity could lead to confusion and errors during the booking process.


    Minds Task, a Pimcore partner, customized and deployed the Pimcore PIM solution to address Evendo’s product data management challenges and improve their booking system.

    • PIM Solution: The Pimcore PIM implementation has transformed Evendo’s data management, allowing them to manage a broader range of products with improved capabilities. The PIM solution provides efficient data imports from various sources and streamlined data input processes for faster ingestion and improved performance
    • AI-Powered Data Enrichment: By applying AI prompts to enrich product data, Evendo addressed challenges like missing product descriptions, inconsistent formats, and difficulty extracting key features. Data enrichment resulted in more informative product listings, improved search functionality, and improved overall user experience.
    • eCommerce Features: Implemented Pimcore’s eCommerce features with support for dynamic product attributes. eCommerce features helped Evendo create a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience for their customers by providing a platform that effectively handles dynamic product attributes.


    Price and Availability ManagementIntegration allows managing price and availability data for products in advance. Price and Availability Management feature provided Evendo with a centralized and automated solution to manage their dynamic product pricing and availability. This resulted in a more efficient operation, improved customer experience, and potentially increased revenue.

    Booking Engine IntegrationIntegration of a booking engine directly with Pimcore PIM for a seamless booking experience. The booking engine integration provided Evendo with a centralized and user-friendly solution for managing their booking process. This resulted in a more efficient operation, improved customer experience, and increased sales.

    API Creation- Creation of APIs for static GTTP feeds and dynamic product data exchange. The feature provides Evendo with several benefits such as simplified data exchange with external systems, reduced development effort for both Evendo and their partners, and improved data accuracy and consistency.


    • Fast and Reliable Bookings: Improved data accuracy ensures reliable product information and accurate booking transactions.

    • Enhanced Customer Experience : Streamlined booking, accurate product information, and fast search contribute to a superior user experience.

    • Increased ROI: Improved data management and operational efficiency led to a positive return on investment.


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