Today, companies cannot ignore the criticality of product data to succeed in the digital business. They now genuinely need to streamline product data to achieve better business outcomes. They need agile, seamless, and scalable approaches for data sharing and data integration to support the rapidly evolving digital business ecosystem. 

A better product data management can only be achieved with a robust foundation of the PIM system and its flexible extension to other systems. On this foundation, rich product content and digital assets can be organized flawlessly. A PIM system also expands and connects with other applications like ERP, CRM, eCommerce, application data management (ADM), and digital asset management (DAM). Moreover, you will get a holistic view of product data that can be used for automation, operational excellence, as well as improving customer experience and intimacy through commerce and service channels.

Pimcore PIM is an enterprise-ready product information management solution for solving any complex product data challenges — it is flexible and open in the enterprise architecture, supporting the business and aggregating assets from several product data repositories. Pimcore PIM enables you to consolidate and harmonize all your marketing, sales, and technical product data. It can consolidate, organize, and distribute any type of product information and is designed for smooth integration into existing IT system landscapes. 

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Though aligning the organization to deliver accurate, transparent, and up-to-date product information is a complex undertaking, but Pimcore PIM provides enterprises with best practices for achieving it. Pimcore PIM’s robust features and functionalities can change the game the way you manage your product data that include: 

Flexible Data Modeling for High-Performance Data 

A data model is an essential thing in the product data as it builds characteristics, relationships, associations between different data objects, and the rules. Pimcore PIM offers the most flexible product data modeling that scales and grows with your enterprise needs. It provides 40+ high-performance data input components to tackle millions of products with their thousands of attributes.

Pimcore’s multi-domain capability enables enterprises to manage any domain’s data, including attributes and relationships. You can keep your SKUs as organized and straightforward as you want to by family category and parameters, thus making it easier to access them throughout your whole product life cycle. It has a fully API-driven architecture so that you can quickly and risk-freely connect it with your business ecosystem. It offers you:

  • Visual data modeling
  • Multi-domain support
  • Multi-lingual data management
  • Intelligent data relations

Robust Data Management for Maximum Business Value

Without efficient data management, you cannot drive maximum business value from your product data. Pimcore PIM makes data management easy to streamline data governance and improve business intelligence. You can organize, aggregate, classify, and translate rich product information of any size and complexity in an efficient and user-friendly way.

It provides a web-based user interface and context-sensitive drag and drop operations to make performing actions on data management easier and smoother. You can perform the following actions on your product data:

  • Data editing
  • Batch editing
  • User and rights management
  • Data validation
  • Data publishing and versioning

Data Quality Management for Compliance and Standards

High product data quality is a prerequisite for smooth operations and generating new revenue opportunities. Accurate and high-quality data also enables you to meet compliance standards and boost teams’ productivity across different departments. Moreover, you will always have unified and structured data for smarter optimization and better business intelligence (BI).

Pimcore PIM delivers high-quality, clean, and trusted data with enterprise-class data quality and data governance that scales with your business. It includes several functionalities for defining and improving data quality. It provides a centralized way for data validation and data quality reports. It also lets you monitor the data completeness of individual attributes or languages.

  • User-specific and configurable dashboards
  • Monitor data completeness
  • Rich auditing and versioning
  • Generate custom reports

Advanced Workflow Management to Boost Accuracy and Productivity

Workflows offer an organized way to define the product lifecycle states and smoothly interact with different forms and the product data. Pimcore PIM enables enterprises to create, track, and alter all workflows according to their needs. Pimcore workflows are ideal for product managers who manage huge product information and administrators’ editorial responsibilities within the Pimcore back-end interface.

It makes it easier for you to monitor workflows for reliable data governance and data stewardship. With Pimcore’s advanced workflow engine, you can boost accuracy and productivity by establishing clearly defined business processes and standardized editorial workflows.

  • Advanced workflow engine to easily design business processes and editorial workflows
  • Get a different view of your data
  • Define the transition conditions as per the workflow state
  • Provide a single interface for complex workflow scenarios with notifications
  • Take a complete audit trail of each workflow step available on record in the workflow history

In-Built Digital Asset Management for Creativity and Brand Consistency

Digital asset management is a crucial component to ensure brand consistency and an engaging brand experience. Pimcore PIM is one of the few PIM platforms with in-built full-featured digital asset management to manage, integrate, and relate images, graphics, documents, audio, and video.

Pimcore has an outstanding and flexible digital asset management solution that offers impressive features and benefits. Its consolidated digital media repository provides a solid structure for reusing digital assets, optimizing data dissemination, and content search processes while delivering high performance and scalability. Now, you no need to worry about working on different files for digital asset management. You can perform all DAM actions right within the single solution for improved operational efficiency, the automated process from production to distribution, and enhancing your multi-channel marketing strategy.

  • Digital Asset Consolidation
  • Metadata Management
  • Automatic images and videos conversion
  • Supports 220+ image, video, and office document file formats
  • Easily publish your asset files to your CMS, webshop, or PIM

Omnichannel Publishing for Amazing Brand Experience

Among the most important aspects of a PIM system are its publishing features. Customers continue to collect reliable product data during the whole consumer journey. For both interaction and distribution platforms, advertisers demand up-to-date product information. For retail promotion, exchange, and the entire product distribution and service period, product data has now become a vital commodity.

The rich omnichannel publishing features of Pimcore automatically offer the right product details to your various output channels. Pimcore’s rich omnichannel publishing functionalities automatically supply your output channels with the correct product information.

  • Build enterprise-grade product configurators
  • Built-in DXP and CMS
  • Web-to-print publishing
  • Headless, decoupled PIM system
  • Create product experience portal

Apps and Data Integration to Reuse and Extend Data Value

With Pimcore PIM, you can take charge of data integration through easy import and export of data between Pimcore and external systems. Pimcore blends smoothly with the current IT landscape and links all of your data points together. This means that any employee in your business has easy access to up-to-date product details. Driven by easy-to-use APIs, this flexible platform enables you to scan and retrieve all data in real-time. It interfaces with every new or current framework, allowing you to reuse or expand knowledge utility.

  • APIs to connect anything
  • Microsoft Excel integration
  • Product data syndication
  • Marketplace integration
  • Product feed management

On a final note, Pimcore PIM is a cost-effective alternative to expensive proprietary PIM systems. It provides fantastic features to convert your product information management to incredible product experiences. In doing so, you can unleash newer business values for your enterprises.

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