In this blog, we discuss the Pimcore eCommerce capabilities so that you can better understand its features and functionalities to make an informed decision. 

In an age in which digitalization is taking a toll on the business ecosystem, organizations are focusing on accelerating their digital commerce initiatives to succeed in delivering unified commerce experiences for customers. But many organizations also face varied challenges to execute their digital commerce initiatives for various reasons. 

In fact, years of underinvestment in transforming technologies, the failure to perform required upgrades, the emergence of different priorities across various business units, and cultural challenges continue to plague many organizations. In today’s digital economy, what’s required is to master at trying to do more for less in a bid to support increasingly thin profit margins.

You need to adopt a digital commerce platform that can be easily integrated and implemented without causing enormous challenges. If you are a decision-maker; in that case, you need to look beyond just the technology to implement and design the eCommerce platform to achieve success and sustainability in the digital commerce space for the long run. So, your decision of choosing the right eCommerce platform is important for the both short-term and long-term digital business success.

Today in this blog, we discuss the Pimcore eCommerce capabilities so that you can better understand its features and functionalities to make an informed decision. 

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Pimcore is an enterprise-ready, open-source alternative for both B2C and B2B eCommerce platforms. Here, we have highlighted key eCommerce advantages of Pimcore that include: 

eCommerce Framework that Supports both B2B and B2C

Framework Driven Approach: Pimcore eCommerce platform is a little different from traditional eCommerce platforms. The first thing that separates Pimore from other eCommerce platforms is its unique combination of data management and experience management. Pimcore is totally framework driven. From the development point of perspective, it is highly flexible—whether you want to build a B2B eCommerce capability or B2C capability, or both in a single platform. It comes with features like product search and filtering, price calculation, shopping cart handling, and checkout processes. It also offers various open source components and microservices for scalability and agility.

Responsive Digital Store Front: Pimcore platform has a significant priority to deliver a unified digital commerce experience. It enables a fully omnichannel experience for customers. With the fully-responsive storefront powered by the Pimcore eCommerce Framework, you can solve your multichannel and omnichannel challenges to deliver a great digital experience. Another beauty of this platform is that it provides a business accelerator so that you can easily integrate multiple customer touchpoints to reach out to more potential buyers.

Easy Product Search and Filtering: Pimcore provides advanced tools for indexing, listing, searching, and filtering product data. It also enables you to easily manage product structures having different attributes, complex product relations, and configurable product systems. It all becomes more manageable with its natively integrated PIM/MDM capabilities within the system. Pimcore eCommerce platform also offers different adapters such as MySQL, Elastic Search, Factfinder, Findologic for product search, and filtering. You can also customize and integrate based on your exact business needs.

Flexible Price Calculation Engine: Pimcore platform can handle complicated pricing and product structures. It has an elastic price calculation engine. It enables you to manage complex pricing structures with product specific price sources, customer-specific pricing, tier pricing, huge pre-calculated pricing matrices, and individual price rules. You can build a customized pricing solution for your most complex currency challenges.

Shopping Cart: Pimcore open source eCommerce solution provides several implementations for handing shopping cart functionalities. You can handle multiple and tenant-specific shopping carts with complex price calculations and multi-ERP integration.

Real-time Product Promotion: Pimcore eCommerce platform gives you the capabilities to promote your product in the most effective ways. It provides tremendous functionalities such as real-time product promotions, time-based, scheduled promotions, and product promotions based on ERP data, customer data (like gender), or current conditions (weather, inventory, and more). You can even manage promotion either manually or with deep integration via the API using its eCommerce promotion engine.

Customer-specific Checkout Process: With Pimcore eCommerce, you can build and configure an easy-to-use checkout process that augurs well with your business model. It also helps you create a better customer experience to influence and attract more buyers.

Headless API-driven Framework for Commerce-as-a-Service

One of the Pimcore platform’s exciting features is its headless content capability, which uses a content-as-a-service (CaaS) feature. This enables you to efficiently deliver content through an API-driven approach across multiple touchpoints such as online marketplace, mobile apps, rich web apps, social platforms, IoT devices, native apps, kiosk, and the likes. Thus, you can create an engaging and unified buying experience for your customers without increased infrastructure costs.

In-Built Product Information Management Solution for eCommerce

While implementing a digital commerce solution, many organizations have to spend extra dollars on a PIM and DAM system. But this is not the case with the Pimcore eCommerce platform. It has inbuilt product information management (PIM/MDM) and digital asset management (DAM) capabilities. You don’t have to manage product data and digital assets separately; in fact, no messier, siloed, and duplicate data.

The integrated PIM/MDM functionalities with the Pimcore eCommerce platform has many advantages. The PIM system can handle any complex product data with millions of products, with 1000s of attributes, relations between product entities, and challenging pricing and availability data. Moreover, you can easily manage and organize your whole digital assets with all its metadata. So, it makes it effortless and fast to collect, aggregate, classify, and translate rich product content for a better product experience.

Moreover, you can create configurable product rules, advanced relationships, and workflows for guided selling and product configurators using the PIM data. This can be very effective for the whole digital commerce ecosystem.

Powered by Nextgen Open Source Omnichannel Technology

Omnichannel capabilities are now prerequisite to succeed in the digital commerce space. Pimcore eCommerce platform gives such omnichannel capabilities like you can deliver the product data to multiple output channels in multiple formats/feeds, quality standards, and with different product attributes. So, you can ensure engaging customer experience across different digital channels like web, mobile, app, marketplace, and social. It also helps you achieve tight POS integration, digital signage, and web-to-print omnichannel enablement.

Content Commerce Platform with DXP

In today’s digital commerce space, providing the right context is equally essential for a compelling and memorable product experience throughout the customer buying journey.

For this, you need to gather real-time contextual data, enrich the profiles with new customer insights, design engaging journeys, optimize the process accordingly to ensure that the right product reaches the right customers. Pimcore eCommerce platform, with its content and commerce capability, seamlessly combines product and marketing content and uses integrated digital marketing capabilities to create an engaging experience and amplify conversion rates. In addition, with the Pimcore digital commerce platform (DXP), you can simplify content and commerce management operations for building amazing digital experiences.

Pimcore’s digital experience platform effortlessly integrates with any eCommerce framework, making it the only open-source experience management platform that connects content and commerce, and ties the customer’s context with it. This is done by leveraging relevant customer insights and turning product discovery into buying.

Personalized Experience for Any eCommerce Touchpoint in Real-Time

What is critical to personalization, is to be relevant to the customer and to tailor the experience to their context. Personalization in digital commerce involves using product data and content to tailor the experience to better target, attract and engage customers, and drive purchasing behavior.

Pimcore’s digital commerce platform comes with a behavioral targeting engine that enables you to deliver a contextualized and personalized customer experience. The platform also offers wish lists and gift registries. This is a powerful platform, based on fully API-driven, headless content and commerce capabilities that can manage customer-centric experiences during the whole customer journey for all digital channels, as well as for digital signage, point-of-sale, and print.

Low License Cost

The open source ideology powers Pimcore. Pimcore eCommerce platform comes with community edition and licensed edition. The community edition is forever free. But enterprise edition comes with a license cost.

The Pimcore ecosystem comprises more than 120 partners, 1000s of Pimcore developers, more than 250 code contributors. The community of Pimcore is growing every day. And the Pimcore enthusiasts and users love to work with the platform.

One of the most exciting things about Pimcore is its tremendous flexibility. You can innovate with this platform the way you like—no restriction at the backend level and no vendor lock-in.

The Conclusion

Packaged solutions for digital commerce provide an enterprise with the ability to create, engaging digital experience for their customers. Ecommerce solutions these days support personalized experiences for any touchpoint in real-time. However, eCommerce platform implementation programs contain various risk areas that must be recognized and addressed in order to ensure success.

We, at Minds Task Technologies, have created a set of best practices that directly addresses the most prevalent techniques that clients must use when considering or implementing the Pimcore eCommerce platform. Schedule a FREE consultation call to discuss the best practices and techniques you should adopt.

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